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Best Hashtags for Fitness on Instagram

Fitness journeys, workout videos, meal prep plans – health and fitness make up a large portion of content on Instagram, and fitness accounts have some of the largest followings today. Whether you’re a fitness guru or just starting your journey,

Instagram is a great platform for sharing tips, inspiration, and for support throughout your fitness journey. Capitalizing on this massively popular trend is a great way to grow your followers and increase exposure to your Instagram account, and the best way to attract users to your post is through smart use of hashtags.

What are the top fitness hashtags for Instagram?


Depending on the type of fitness content you’re looking to share, there are seemingly endless hashtags you can use. There’s the obvious #fitness, along with variations like #Fitspo, #FitFam, and #FitGoals. To gain more attention and cater to a more specific audience, you can use hashtags that relate more directly to your content.

If you’re posting workout plans or videos, use #Workout, #GymLife, or hashtags specific to the workout you’re doing like #squat or #yoga. For more health and diet-related fitness, consider #Health, #EatClean, or #MealPrep if they fit the content of your post. If your post is more focused on motivation, try hashtags like #GetFit, #FitnessMotivation, or #NoExcuses.

The more specific hashtags you use, the more likely it is that your post will get noticed, wherein a generic hashtag like #fitness there are over 300 million posts for yours to compete with. Social media gurus recommend using 11 or more hashtags to really get your post out there and attract likes and followers. Include one or two major hashtags and then focus in on more distinct hashtags with fewer posts to make your post stand out.


Here are some of the best fitness hashtags for instagram posts:
















Fitness is a huge trend right now on Instagram, and using the right hashtags can seriously improve your exposure and increase your following. Adding hashtags to your post can also bring support from the Instagram fitness community, with other fitness fanatics cheering you on during your fitness journey.

By employing hashtags to improve the visibility of your post, you can offer tips to others, or search similar hashtags for fitness advice from fellow fitness accounts.

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