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Important – Please Read

Within the next 24 hours, you will be assigned a client success manager to review and activate your account.  They screen each account to filter out possible spammers and make sure new accounts meet our minimum requirements.

Once everything looks good, we will activate your account.


Make sure you turn off 2 Factor Authentication until after we confirm we have connected.


IMPORTANT: You will probably see a message saying new login attempt.  Say This Was Me

We Start Slow & Warm Up


In order to get the best results, we always have a warm up phase of 3-5 days for new accounts.  We start the setting very low the first day and increase a little more each day until you hit the optimal volume of activity for the most growth.  This happens over the first seven days and you might not see much growth during this period.  Our app keeps everything well within instagram’s NEW daily limits and the warm up is essential for long term success.


Follow Back Ratios


This is the single most important aspect of growing your Instagram followers and engagement.  Our app will only follow 150 people per day for you on Instagram due to their new limits.  This means you need a 20-50% follow back ratio to grow significantly.


Our system gains you real followers because the app follows people for you based on target accounts you give us.  If these people have followers who are a relevant match for your page content and their interests, they are more likely to choose to follow you back.  Yes, it is their choice. Hence real people/followers.


If they are the wrong targets or don’t find your page content interesting, they choose not to follow you back.


Our team and app will regularly filter out poor performing targets with low follow back ratios, so we need to constantly feed the app with new and relevant accounts, hashtags and locations to target.


You can send us as many new targets as you wish via email to and we’ll add to your settings.


We encourage you to continue posting great photos on a daily basis to keep your account interesting.


If you have any questions, feel free to read our FAQ for some common answers. Our you can email


You made a great decision and we look forward to helping you grow your Instagram account.


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