A Top Rated Instagram Growth Service

Social Buddy’s Instagram growth service helps you organically increase your Instagram followers and likes through advanced social media marketing processes. With Social Buddy, you’ll get real, targeted followers – no fake followers or bots. Social Buddy promotes real Instagram growth, and helps you find real followers who are interested in your content or industry.


Your engagement will also improve with Social Buddy, as you’ll grow real Instagram followers who like and engage with your content. Most of our clients grow 150-500 followers per week.

Best Service for Real Instagram Follower Growth

Social Buddy took our Instagram page from 3,000 followers to over 10,000 followers in just three months. By targeting a local demographic we have garnered potential customers instead of fake followers. Our likes and engagements have also drastically improved. In addition, Social Buddy is very affordable, and is definitely worth it's cost and then some.
Info Steam Pub
Info Steam Pub
04:10 04 Mar 18
Did this for one of my clients and saw incredible results. Now I’ve signed up a few. I’m very happy with the platform and the process was easy. I would highly recommend.
Ray Sheehan
Ray Sheehan
15:56 10 Mar 18
Awesome company to work with. Grew our Instagram followers 10 fold in 2 months. Definitely recommend.
Kyle Fernley
Kyle Fernley
21:05 03 Mar 18
My followers tripled in 2 weeks and they continue to grow quickly. Easy to set up and manage and it does wonders to get you noticed!
Ash Lancaster
Ash Lancaster
22:09 03 Mar 18
Social Buddy has impressed me with their experience, attention too detail and their strong technical solution to my previous problem of stagnant growth. They are truly marketing experts.
kevin friel
kevin friel
12:53 11 Mar 18
What a great team. Extremely professional and very attentive. We are seeing great results! I would highly recommend this digital marketing agency.
johnny smith
johnny smith
14:31 31 Mar 18
Awesome company to work with. Our yoga business has increased due to their system. I definitely recommend Social Buddy.
Jill Simpson
Jill Simpson
13:17 15 Apr 18
Social Buddy is great. At first I was a little skeptical about services like this but they have more than exceeded my expectations. My instagram followers have more than tripled in just a few weeks.
Fred Jacobs
Fred Jacobs
12:20 21 Apr 18
We've only been working with Social Buddy for 1 month and have been immediately impressed with their timely response time and their efforts to our Instagram growth. They are priced right, too, and make billing easy. Hope to see the growth continue and for our audience to become more engaged. If you are looking to grow your network, consider giving Social Buddy a try.
Ricky Potts
Ricky Potts
13:28 02 May 18
We have been using Social Buddy for about two weeks and have already seen a tremendous increase in REAL followers in our area and an increase in engagement. So far it's been fantastic!
Coretta Pinelli
Coretta Pinelli
20:40 02 May 18
Social Buddy is an Awesome Tool to Grow your Instagram Followers! Very Easy to Setup and Very Affordable. You will certainly see your ROI in the first Week. I would Highly Recommend this for any Industry.
Donald Jones
Donald Jones
14:55 11 May 18
Real followers that engage! - not just robots that unfollow a day later. Try it out you won't be disappointed!
Bikes and Beers
Bikes and Beers
14:26 14 May 18
THE BEST INSTAGRAM GROWTH COMPANY, PERIOD! These guys honestly and truly care about the people that they work with. They realize that your success is their success. My account grew an extra 300 followers within 1 week. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Social Buddy!
Michael Wood
Michael Wood
14:59 21 May 18
I have used the social buddy company to help grow my music oriented instagram account and things have gone really really well. I have connected with some key people and my growth rate has increased 600% once they stepped in. Highly recommeded.
Ricky White
Ricky White
17:31 28 May 18
Really appreciate SocialBuddy being my second pair of hands to help manage my accounts and engage my customer while I am busy building new content. They get the eyeballs and traffic for me. I really like working with their team too. I've been so happy with their services I've now recommended other business friends to use them. Hands down a great use of funds and better use of my time.
Valerie Landis
Valerie Landis
18:14 04 Jun 18
Love social buddy!! This company has made life a whole lot easier. The customer service is out of this world. I can't thank Ray and team enough! Best company to work with hands down
Jussara Lopez
Jussara Lopez
18:19 01 Jun 18
It's been a great way to connect with our potential customers by increasing the engagement with our brand. The amount of likes and comments on our posts was important to us, and our goal was quickly achieved by using Social Buddy.
Christina Pinizzotto
Christina Pinizzotto
07:21 11 Jun 18
Unbelievable company! Very responsive and 100% works!! I’ve gotten so much new business thanks to Social buddy and all the new followers I’m getting! Definitely recommend to anyone looking to grow their business through social media !!
Larry Yadan
Larry Yadan
17:50 29 Jun 18
Social Buddy has been a very useful and effective tool. The support team is incredibly responsive. We have very high standards for our digital footprint and they helped work with us through our hesitations and concerns, tailoring the functionality of their product to work best for our needs. Highly recommend.
E.J. Kelley
E.J. Kelley
15:30 17 Jul 18
Very satisfied with the service. Your account won't blow up with followers from one day to the next, meaning you will get actual people to follow you, not bots, but it will grow very well. Definitely a go to if you are starting up and building a business. And guess what..., if you call them, someone will actually answer your call.
Daniel H
Daniel H
03:07 19 Jul 18
Social Buddy has been a great partnership with helping our social channels gain engagement through relevant content and targeting the right audiences.
Love your service. It helped me to gain almost 700 followers in the first month. The engagement is fantastic. People like and comment my posts like crazy. Thank you very much!
Nathalie G.
Nathalie G.
22:33 25 Feb 19
Social Buddy helped us grow our Instagram followers significantly! This is the first service we've used that actually helped build our audience with real followers.
Really enjoy the service so far. My Instagram followers have grown, so has my engagement. Customer support team is very helpful as well.
Jeff Fowler
Jeff Fowler
15:51 14 Mar 19

Advanced Targeting

Social Buddy targets real people with real interest in the content you’re sharing. When you sign up for our Instagram growth service, we’ll ask for information on your niche, industry, competitors, and relevant hashtags to target Instagram followers who are looking for the type of content you share.


We use niche related and relevant hashtags to find Instagram users that are inherently interested in your content. By targeting users who follow hashtags related to your niche or industry, we can find users who are more likely to follow and engage with you, growing real, loyal followers for your account.


Tell us your biggest competitors or accounts similar to your own - we’ll target those their followers, who have already expressed interest in the type of content you share. Use your competitors to your advantage to increase your Instagram followers and even customers, depending on the nature of your Instagram account.


Running a local operation? Target followers in your area to promote your local business, brand, or simply to find followers interested in your location-based posts. Tell us where you’re at, and we can target one or multiple cities, states, provinces, or countries.


Every industry has influencers - people with huge followings and great engagement that run successful social media accounts. Capture the attention of these influencers and their followers with Social Buddy, to further your reach within your specific niche.

Authentically Grow on Instagram

Grow your Instagram followers authentically with Social Buddy. Other Instagram growth services use fake followers and bots to give you a huge amount of followers all at once. With Social Buddy, you’ll get real Instagram followers gradually over time, so your engagement grows as your follower count grows. Don’t buy fake followers – sign up for Social Buddy and let us grow your Instagram account authentically.

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Organic Growth, Real Followers

Organically growing your followers ensures steady, sustainable growth. Our Instagram growth service organically grows your followers by targeting real people who are interested in your industry, niche, or content type. We help you find Instagram followers who will engage with your content, so your account grows in likes and followers. Find real followers in your industry and location.

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Find Customers on Instagram

Managing a business is enough work – let Social Buddy help you with social media marketing so you can focus on everything else. We can help your business or brand find followers who can turn into customers based on competitors, similar brands, locations, and more. By growing your Instagram account with real, targeted followers, your brand can grow on Instagram and in real life.

instagram growth service example customers

Industries Served

Wondering if Social Buddy is right for you? We’ve worked with businesses, brands, influencers, and everyday people across a wide range of industries, niches, and interest groups.


Instagram is a huge social platform – with over one billion active monthly users on Instagram, we’re sure to find followers in your niche and the right target audience for your account. Whether you’re a small, local business, a huge brand, or a blogger who’s just getting started, our Instagram growth service can find the right followers for you.

Affordable Instagram Growth Service

Social Buddy won’t overcharge you – our pricing plans are straightforward, affordable, and worthwhile. Our competitive pricing doesn’t influence our quality of service, we’re simply dedicated to giving our customers the best organic Instagram growth service at a fair price.


Buying fake followers in bulk is a cheaper option, but those followers won’t like or engage with your account, will eventually unfollow or get deleted, and may even negatively impact your Instagram. Don’t buy fake followers – grow your following organically and steadily with our Instagram growth service.

How Social Buddy Works

Social Buddy’s Instagram growth service uses Instagram marketing techniques and behaviors to grow your account. Have you ever noticed that when you like and follow someone else, they tend to follow back and like your posts as well? If you’ve ever gotten a strange new follower, you’ve probably checked out their page and maybe even followed back.


Our Instagram growth service uses that natural human curiosity to help you find new followers and grow your account. This is the same method that influencers and businesses use to grow their Instagram followings, but we’ll do the work for you.


Social Buddy acts as your personal social media manager, so you don’t have to seek out followers and can focus instead on creating great content. With your help, we’ll target the followers that make the most sense for you.

Why Choose Social Buddy?

Unlike competitors, Social Buddy won’t pad your account with fake followers or Instagram bots. Our Instagram growth service promotes real, engaged, organic growth, helping you find followers within your industry and followers who are attracted to your content. Not only are our prices more affordable than most Instagram growth services, but we’ll do it the right way so that your Instagram account thrives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email us at support@socialbuddy.com if your questions aren’t answered below. We’re real people, and we’re happy to help you.

Is Social Buddy safe?

Yes, Social Buddy is safe. We have hundreds of clients using our services, and we make sure everything is kept safe and secure. Your account security and good standing is our number one priority – along with growing your followers.

Is there any commitment?

Nope. You can cancel at any time, and the followers you have gained through our system will still be there. We offer week to week or month to month packages, so you can choose to continue each period or stop when you choose.

How do you find followers?

When you sign up, we’ll ask for some key information to help us target the best possible followers for you. Tell us about your account, your content, your industry, location, competitors, and your relevant hashtags, and we’ll find the followers from there.

Will my followers be engaged?

Social Buddy targets users that follow similar accounts, brands, hashtags, and who are likely to be interested in your content. Your Instagram engagement will increase with your followers, but the content creation is on you.

How often should I post?

How often you post on Instagram is up to you – once you have more followers and better engagement you may want to post more often, but the content side is totally up to you. Don’t sacrifice quality of content just to post more, however; your audience is likely following and engaged because of the relevance and high quality of your posts.

How many followers will I get?

It depends on a few factors, like how many followers you already have and who your target audience is based on industry, hashtags, competitors, etc. Our estimate is that we can help you find about 150-500 new followers a week, 500-2000 followers a month. Results may vary, however.

How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

Whether it’s your first thousand or your tenth, getting 1000 new followers on Instagram can take some time and effort. With Social Buddy, we’ll find the followers for you so you can focus on creating content for them to engage with. You can also learn how to get 1000 followers on Instagram through the tips on our blog, hashtag guides, and more.

How do I get verified on Instagram?

Anyone can apply to be verified on Instagram now, but the platform is famously stingy with giving out that blue checkmark. One major factor is followers: there isn’t one set number, but a higher follower count can improve your chances of getting verified. Social Buddy does not handle verification, but we can help you with followers. Let us grow your following while you create original content that will catch Instagram’s attention to help you get verified.

How do I become an Instagram influencer?

Instagram influencers are the new min-celebrities. Becoming an influencer takes some serious effort however, and it won’t happen overnight. To gain Instagram fame, you need great, original content, a niche to focus your efforts, and lots of followers and engagement. Social Buddy can help you with the followers and engagement. While other Instagram growth services use bots that won’t actually engage meaningfully with your posts, Social Buddy targets real followers in your industry to create a larger, more engaged audience. We can’t promise that you’ll become an Instagram influencer, but we’ll help you find a loyal following to get you closer.

When is the best time to post on Instagram?

This is a tough question – the best time to post on Instagram for peak engagement depends on your followers and when they are most active. If you have followers in different time zones, then it gets even more complicated. Some studies have shown that weekdays in the early afternoon are some of the best times to post, but it really depends on your followers and their activity. Aim to post when followers are most likely to be scrolling through their feed.