The Best Food Hashtags for Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and More

Don’t forget to take a picture of your meal before you start eating!  Food photos are some of the most popular content on websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

best food hashtags

You may get teased for snapping a photo before you begin your meal, but food blogs and food-based social media accounts have massive followings online.

The most important step after taking your picture? Adding relevant food hashtags to your post to increase engagement and bring more attention to  your picture.

Most Popular Food Hashtags

The best food hashtags are the most popular related to your niche or the type of food in your post.  These hashtags are the most popular ones on Instagram, used in millions of pictures.

Use these hashtags if you want, but in moderation. Using the top food hashtags on Instagram may not get your post much attention, because there are so many other posts under those hashtags to compete with.

Here are the Top Trending Food Hashtags on Instagram:











Most Common Food Hashtags

Popular global hashtags are used by everyone in the world. This is best for foodie accounts who want to reach as many people as they can, whether they are in the United States or Singapore.

food hashtag examples

To find the best hashtags, use the search bar to search for a keyword. For foodie accounts, try searching #food, #foodie, etc.

For chef accounts, you may want to try searching for keywords such as #chef or #cook. Instagram will give you a list of the most popular hashtags with the number of times each one has been used.

Another way to find the best hashtags to use is to find an account with similar content to yours and see which hashtags they are using.

Local Food Hashtags by City

Local hashtags are best if you are running a business account or have a physical location and want to promote locally. 

If you are a restaurant, food blogger or a business that wants to promote locally, you may want to try using geo-modified hashtags based off of global hashtags. To do this, take a global hashtag such as #foodie and add on a geo-modifier.

For example, if you are a food blogger based in Los Angeles, use hashtags such as “#LAfoodie,” “#LAfoodies,” and “LAeats” to target local instagram users in Los Angeles.

For those looking to start a food blog, hashtags can help you find your audience. 

Best Food Hashtags For Every Occasion

The best way to bring more attention to your food posts is to be specific – overpopulated hashtags like #food are fine to include, but you should also include hashtags that convey exactly what you’re posting.

hashtag food
Handwritten word drawn in the flour – hashtag food

For example, if your food blog is all about cheese, you could include #cheese or #CheesePlease in addition to your more general food hashtags.

These food hashtags cater to a more specific audience by placing your post in a more particular section of the online food world.

Pick the hashtags you like, or copy and paste the whole set to make your latest food post stand out.

Foodie Hashtags

Whether your definition of “foodie” is a food snob or just a lover of food and eating (which is everyone, right?), foodies are all over social media. These hashtags are some of the most popular for foodies everywhere on Instagram, Twitter, and beyond.

#Foodie #EatingForTheInsta#InstaFood #Eater #ForkYeah #FoodPorn #CheatMeal #SpoonFeed #DailyFoodFeed #NomNom #InstaEats #GoodEats #FoodieAdventures #LoveFood #FeedFeed #FeedYourSoul

Best Hashtags for Food Bloggers

Many Instagram bloggers share every meal online. Instagram food blogs are popular, as normal users are happy to find a new restaurant.

Food bloggers should also use location hashtags to reach followers in their local area, since most people can’t travel around the world for their next meal. You can even make money by food blogging. Copy and paste these food blogger hashtags.

#FoodBlogger #FoodBlog #Foodstagram #InstaBlogger #InstagramBlog #Finstagram #FoodIsLife #FoodBlogFeed #EatForTheGram #FoodStyling #InstaFood #FoodIsLife #FoodPhotography

Healthy Food and Vegan Hashtags

Healthy lifestyles are trending all over social media, as accounts share their tips to looking and feeling better in their bodies.

Meal prepping, superfoods, and plant-based diets are popular content online, so if you’re looking for healthy eating tips or creating a health or vegan food page, these are the hashtags for you.

#Health #CleanEating #EatClean #MealPrep #Diet #Nutrition #HealthyEating #Vegan #Vegetarian #HealthyLife #InstaVegan #RealFood #GlutenFree #HealthyFoodPorn #PlantBasedDiet #VeganFoodPorn #VeganFoodShare #EatTheRainbow

Cooking Hashtags for Chefs and Restaurants

Are you preparing the food instead of eating it? Chefs, restaurants, and home chefs may turn to a different set of hashtags to share their creations.

To promote your restaurant or your own cooking, try these hashtags. For food-specific restaurants, like a pizza restaurant or sushi restaurants, you can find restaurant hashtags all about that specific food. 

#Chef #InstaChef #Cook #Cooking #Baking #Recipe #ChefLife #ChefsOfInstagram #PerfectlyPlated #GourmetArt #MakeItYourself #InTheKitchen #CookNiche #FoodStyling #RecipeOfTheDay #TrueCooks

Food Photography Hashtags

Nowadays it feels like everyone is a food photographer, as we all snap pictures of our best, most picturesque meals. To share your food photography, whether it’s professional or just to capture a great meal, use these hashtags.

#FoodPhoto #FoodPhotography #FoodPhotoshoot #FoodPhotographer #FoodPic #FoodPictures #FoodPics #FoodPicsDaily #FoodieGram #FoodGram #FoodArt #FeedFeed #FoodStylist #Foodie_Features #Foodography

Breakfast and Brunch Hashtags

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but brunch may be everyone’s favorite. Breakfast and brunch posts make up some of the most popular food posts. To make your breakfast or brunch post pop, use these hashtags.

#Breakfast #Brunch #ButFirstCoffee #HealthyBreakfast #SaturdayBrunch #SundayBrunch #GoodMorning #MorningCoffee #StartYourDayRight #BreakfastBowl #BrunchTime #CafeLife

Lunch Hashtags

What’s for lunch? Your mid-day meal is what gets you through the day, and lunch food is often overlooked and under-rated. Use these lunch hashtags to share your lunch food and show off what you did during your lunch break!

#Lunch #Lunchtime #WhatsForLunch #LunchBreak #LunchBox #HealthyLunch #LunchDate #SundayLunch #LunchIdeas #LunchBoxIdeas #LunchPrep #LunchOnTheGo #PackedLunch #LunchSpecial #BentoLunch

Dinner Hashtags

Dinner is the big one (usually anyway). Show off your dinner table, dinner dates, and more with these dinner hashtags.

#Dinner #DinnerDate #DinnerTime #DinnerForTwo #FamilyDinner #HealthyDinner #CandlelitDinner #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner #DinnerIdeas #EasyDinner #BirthdayDinner #WhatsForDinner #HomemadeDinner #BreakfastForDinner

Why Use Food Hashtags in Your Posts?

Hashtags group photos together to get your food photos in front of people who might not be following you, so they see your content and hopefully follow you.

In other words, hashtags put your photos in an index, so others can find your photo and your page. Smart use of hashtags can skyrocket views on your post and profile.

Restaurants can find new customers by promoting their food online. By sharing great food with the right hashtags, you can reach potential customers in your area.

Not all businesses may benefit the same way from hashtags – while tagging #PhillyFoodie on an exciting meal from your local restaurant could attract a new guest, it likely won’t work the same for a local wholesale bakery looking to sell to restaurants. Still, most businesses can benefit from social media in some ways, and since it’s free, why not? 

You can also use hashtags to search through popular posts for inspiration, ideas, or to find other users posting similar or interesting content.

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Use Lots of Popular Foodie Hashtags

Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags. If you are looking to grow your Instagram followers as much as you can, load up a bunch of popular food-related hashtags in order to expand your reach.

Aim to use hashtags with at least 10,000 posts. Using obscure hashtags with a couple hundred posts will not do much to expose your Instagram account. The goal is to spread your post and page to as large of an audience as possible.

The best practice is to use some very large hashtags and some that are more specific to your post, but not so specific that not many people will search them.

Using some larger hashtags and some less populated hashtags will ensure that your post reaches a large audience without getting lost in a widely used hashtag like #food, which has over 314 million posts.

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Written by Erin

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