How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Looking to get more followers on Instagram? We’ve outlined some of the best ways to grow your page!


Post Consistently

Nobody wants to follow an account that never posts pictures! It’s best to post at least once per day, but if that’s not doable then aim for at least a few posts per week. Read our guidelines about how often you should post on Instagram.


Post High Quality Photos

While posting frequently is great, it’s better to post high quality content. Only post pictures that you think are important additions to your feed.


Use Hashtags

Using a hashtag groups your photo with every other photo that used the same hashtag. Instagram users often search for specific content by searching for hashtags, so when a user sees your post come up in a search, they may follow you. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, so we recommend a bunch in order to increase the amount of users who see your photo.


Follow Other Users

People often follow back accounts that follow them. To increase your followers, you can try to follow a bunch of people. It’s best to follow those who have similar accounts to yours or who follow lot’s of accounts with similar content. For example, if you are running an Instagram page dedicated to fashion, try following other fashion accounts.


Promote your Content Throughout Your Other Social Media Platforms

You likely have lots of friends on your other social media platforms who don’t follow you on Instagram. Let your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites you frequent know about your Instagram account and some will likely follow you. Instagram also allows you to share your photos directly on these other platforms and links the post back to your Instagram page.



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Interact with Other Users

When you comment on posts, other users can see your comment and may click on your page and give you a follow. This works best when you comment on other posts featuring similar content to  yours to target the same audience.


Interact with Influencers

Liking and commenting on posts of top influencers with similar content to yours will help you to get noticed by other users, and perhaps even by the influencer themselves. Tag influencers in your posts and they might give you a shoutout or repost your picture for their many followers to see!


Create a Unique Instagram Aesthetic

Instagram is a visual platform, so it makes sense to build a signature “look” for your account. You can create themes by being consistent and using the same filters, colors or backdrops in your photos or simply by posting pictures with similar content.


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Written by Erin

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