Reacting to Instagram stories is probably one of the app’s easiest features to use. With so many users posting more stories nowadays than actual posts, wanting to interact with them is the new normal. 

We’ll explain everything you need to know about reacting to Instagram Stories, along with some other tips and tricks you might find helpful. 


How to React to Instagram Stories 

If you’re swiping through some Instagram stories and see one that stands out to you, you might want to react to it in some way. Since it is a story and not an actual post, the format for commenting and liking is a little different here. 

Instagram was kind enough to give users some options when it comes to how they want to react to someone’s story. As of right now, there are six different emoji reactions you can use. Here’s how to get to them:

  • As you’re swiping through Instagram stories, find the story you want to react to. 
  • When you’re on the actual story, all you have to do is swipe up on the screen.
  • You’ll then see six emojis appear, all of which are reactions you can use to reply to the user’s story. 
  • Click on the reaction you want to send to the user and Instagram will automatically send it as a reply. 
  • You’ll notice that the emoji you pick will float up on the screen, which is essentially the “reaction” you’re giving to someone else. 
  • If you want to look back at the reaction you sent, the message will appear in your direct messages.

IG React


How to Like Instagram Stories 

If you don’t want to go as far as sending a reaction that takes up the entire screen when replying to someone’s story, Instagram offers a like button for stories, too. 

  • As you’re swiping through Instagram stories, find the story you want to like.
  • Click on the heart icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • The user whose story you liked will get a notification, the same as you would with liking a regular Instagram post. 

IG Story Like


How to Send a Message to Someone Else’s Instagram Story

If someone’s story stands out to you and you want to go as far as sending a message in regards to the content, Instagram offers this option, too. 

When you’re scrolling through stories, you’ll notice a bar on the bottom of the screen that says “Send message.” This is what you’ll use for this feature to work. 

  • As you’re swiping through Instagram stories, find the user to whose story you want to send a message.
  • Click on the “Send message” bar at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Type out your message and hit the “Send” button. 

IG Story Reply

If you want to look back at the message you sent, it will appear in your direct messages.


How to Like Someone’s Reply to Your Instagram Story

If you’re on the receiving end of someone else replying to your story, then sometimes you might want to just like it and go on with your day. This process is pretty simple because it only takes a few taps – literally. 

  • Go into your direct messages tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  • Click on the message that another user sent you. 
  • Where it says their message, double-tap on their reply, and you will see a red heart appear. This means you’ve liked this user’s story reply and they will get a notification that you did. 



Knowing these little tips and tricks can make your Instagram experience that much better. Next time you’re scrolling through your Instagram stories, find someone’s story you might want to interact with. 

Whether you want to react to it with emojis, a simple like, or an actual message, is totally up to you. So, go on now to try it!