How To Remove Followers on Instagram

Is there someone you don’t want seeing your Instagram? Maybe there’s a family member you don’t want commenting on all of your posts, or a former friend who you just know would take a screenshot of your Instagram stories. Whatever your reason, Instagram now allows users to remove followers.

This feature allows you to remove specific users from your followers list so that they cannot see your posts anymore, essentially forcing them to unfollow you. If you don’t feel strongly enough to block someone but you don’t want them seeing or liking your posts, follow these steps to remove them from your followers.


What Happens When I Remove Instagram Followers?

Removing a follower will take them off of your followers list, so they can no longer see your posts on their feeds. If you have a private account, they’ll have to re-follow you to see your pictures and stories. If you have a public account, they won’t see your posts on their feeds, but could still search your profile and view your posts.

Instagram does not notify users if you remove them from your followers. They may notice that they no longer follow you if they search for you, but otherwise they will not know that they aren’t following you anymore.

How To Delete Followers on Instagram

To remove a follower, take these simple steps:

      1. Tap the total number of followers at the top of your profile.
      2. Find the follower you want to remove.
      3. Click the three dots to the right of their name.
      4. Click “Remove”. 

remove instagram followerdelete instagram follower

That follower will be removed from your followers list, unless they realize and re-follow you. If you don’t want them to be able to find or re-follow you, consider blocking them.

Written by Erin

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