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How to Repost on Instagram

Instagram is one of those business tools that can help expand your audience by simply using the repost feature. Whether you want to repost something for your own entertainment or for others to see, the process is pretty simple. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain the ways that you can repost content on Instagram and the benefits it might have on you and your business. 


How to Repost on Instagram 

Instagram users “repost” content by putting it on their Instagram Story for all of their friends and followers to see. 

Oftentimes, you’ll see users repost pictures on their Story that they’re tagged in, which is most known for being called “mention sharing.” The main reason for posting other users’ content on your Story is it’s a great way for the content to receive some exposure.

Instagram Repost

Whether it’s a funny Reel or a cool picture that you want to repost, you’ll notice that others are doing the same because it’s a lot easier and more convenient than posting an actual post. 

If you’re interested in trying to repost something on your Story, follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app. 
  • Find the post or Reel you want to post on your Story.
  • Click the arrow next to the like and comment icon on the screen. 
  • Click either “Add post to your story” or “Add reel to your story” based on the type of content it is. 
  • Edit it how you want, whether you want to add a caption or a sticker, then click “Your story” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. 


Why Can’t I Repost Other Users’ Content?

You’ll have to keep in mind that if you want to share someone else’s content on your Instagram Story, then they have to be public for you to do so. If you’re trying to repost that one picture your friend posted over the weekend, but Instagram isn’t letting you, then chances are they’re private. 

The only two ways for you to get that content onto your Story is if you tell your friend to go public OR you just take a screenshot of it and post it like a normal Story.

Both of these ways will work, it’s just up to you whether you feel like asking your friend to change their privacy settings. 


Why Should I Repost on Instagram?

Reposting other users’ content and others reposting your content is a simple yet effective way to gain some more engagement and interaction between you and your followers.

When you post other users’ content, then you’re giving them some extra attention that can drive people to their accounts. It also shows your followers that it’s something you’re also interested in, which can help you in the end as well.

Instagram Repost

When other people repost your content, basically the same thing happens, except you’re on the receiving end which is always cool. It’s a way for your content to get out there and so others can see what your account is all about. So, if you have something you want a lot of people to see, try asking your friends to repost it so it can reach a bigger audience. 

In the end, reposting content on Instagram has its perks. It’s a way to build your own community within your own interests, while also saving some time as it doesn’t take as much effort as a regular Instagram post does. 

Seeing other people repost is also a great way to get some other new ideas of what you can do with your posts and reposts in the future. 



Overall, looking at this Instagram feature is a great and easy tool to use to help get your content out and about on the app. Social media is a magical place where all it might take is a simple repost to make it big.

If you haven’t tried this already, repost the next piece of content that you see that you’re interested in. And who knows, you might gain a couple of new friends that have the same interests as you!

Written by Lucia Summa

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