How to Skip a Line on Instagram

Formatting your Instagram captions to look pleasing to the human eye is a great way to grab your followers’ attention. Whether you want to skip a line or add spaces between your thoughts, it’s a good place to start to make your content easier to read. 

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We’ll start by saying the concept of line breaks on Instagram isn’t necessarily new, just that they’re being used more now than ever. Having captions that look clean makes them entice your readers and followers. We’ll go through this super simple feature by explaining how to skip a line in your next caption using a few different ways. 


How to Skip a Line on Instagram Caption

Instagram used to not allow users to insert spaces in their captions within the app. They would make users have to go into their Notes app and type exactly what they want and copy it into the Instagram caption box. While this is still an effective way to add spaces in your caption, Instagram has made it easier for users. 

Instagram Here’s a breakdown of how to get started on adding in line breaks:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Click the “+” in the top right-hand corner.
  • Click “Post.”
  • Select the photo you want to post, then click “Next.”
  • Once you’re typing your caption and want to insert a line break, simply click the “123” button on your keyboard, then click “return.”
    • This breaks up your content by skipping a line and adding in that line break. 


How to Skip a Line on Instagram Bio 

Instagram bios are a little different when it comes to adding spaces. Following the same steps above will allow you to start a new line in your bio, but it won’t necessarily be a “space.”

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  • Open the Instagram app. 
  • Click your profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  • Click “Edit Profile.”
  • Click on the “Bio” section. 
  • Type what you want on the first line of your bio. 
  • When you want a line break, click the “123” button on your keyboard, then click “return.” 
    • Doing this will bring you to the next line without forming a space in between. Instagram lets you type it out that way, but once you click save it will automatically close that gap. 


Other ways to skip lines in Instagram captions

Another way to insert a space into your Instagram caption is by copying and pasting an invisible space in the text. 

  • Take this space between the parentheses and add it to your next post: ( )
    • This is essentially the same as using the “return” button on your keyboard, but some might think this way is a little easier. 

The next way is by using punctuation marks to add spaces.

  • Just finish your phrase with a period or any emoji and then press enter. 
    • Be sure to not add any extra spaces at the end or else the line break won’t show up.
  • Once you’re in the next “paragraph,” write another period and press enter again.
  • Repeat these steps until you’re done writing your content for your caption. 

Since this result doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, it usually isn’t a user’s top choice, but it’ll work for those who don’t care that they have a few periods throughout their caption. 



Skipping lines in your Instagram caption or bio is a tool that can help you make your content eye-catching. Readers appreciate content that is easy to read, so adding spaces between your thoughts might be a great way to get some new followers.

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Take one of the ways we explained in this article to start writing your next caption or bio that includes line breaks!

Written by Lucia Summa


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