How To Untag Yourself on Instagram

You get a notification that a friend has tagged you in a photo on Instagram, you open it, and . . . your eyes are closed in the picture. We’ve all been tagged in our fair share of bad pictures – the ones you would never post, but your friend looks good so they share it anyway.

If you’ve been tagged in an unflattering picture or tagged in something inappropriate that you don’t want tied to you online, removing a tag on Instagram is simple.


How To Untag Yourself

Thankfully, Instagram allows you to remove a tag from another person’s post. To remove a tag of yourself on someone else’s post, follow these simple steps.

      1. Tap the photo or video that you’ve been tagged in.
      2. Tap your name when the tag appears.
      3. Tap “Remove Me From Post” (iPhone) or “Remove Tag” (Android)
      4. Confirm by tapping “Remove” (iPhone) or “Yes I’m Sure” (Android).

how to untag on instagram

Hide Photo From Profile

Another option instead of untagging yourself is to hide the photo from your profile. With this option, you are still tagged in the photo, but it won’t appear on your profile under tagged photos. If you don’t feel strongly enough to remove the tag altogether, hide the photo by following these instructions:

      1. Tap the photo or video that you’ve been tagged in.
      2. Tap your name when the tag appears.
      3. Tap “Hide from My Profile”.


How To Untag Someone on Instagram

If you posted a photo and want to remove a tag for someone else, doing so is easy. When you tag someone on Instagram, you can remove or edit the tag immediately, as well as move the location of the tag on the photo itself. To go back later and remove or edit a tag on your own photo, do the following:

      1. On the tagged photo, click the three dots in the top right corner.
      2. Tap “Edit”.
      3. In the bottom left corner, click the untag on instagram icon that says “X People” (X being the number of people tagged).
      4. Tap the tag that you want to remove and then tap the “X” button that appears next to their name.
      5. Tap “Done” to save the tag changes and “Done” again to finish editing.


How To Delete Pictures on Instagram

If removing the tag isn’t enough, the next step is to delete the whole picture.

For pictures that you posted, deleting the post is simple. Simply press the three dots at the top right corner of the picture and press “Delete” to get rid of a post you regret sharing.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to delete a post shared on someone else’s account. While Instagram gives users control over what posts they are tagged in and what appears on their profile, you cannot control what images other people post. There is no direct way for you to delete a post shared on someone else’s account, even if you are in the photo or video.

If you still really need that post gone, you have two options:

Ask! If the photo is that upsetting to you, and assuming it was a friend who tagged you, simply ask them to delete the post. They might not be happy to remove a post that they wanted to share, and they may say no, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Report the photo. If you’ve exhausted your other option and you’re committed to getting that post removed, you can try reporting the photo. Instagram is often slow to respond to reports, and they very likely won’t take action if you only want it removed because it’s unflattering. If you truly want the post deleted, it’s still worth a shot.

To report a photo, click the three dots at the top right corner of the image and tap “Report Photo”. A pop-up menu will make you choose between “It’s Spam” and “It’s Inappropriate” before taking you to a page with more options to report the issue with the image.

View Tagged Photos on Instagram

For those of you reading and wondering if there are any unsavory photos you should go back and check on, viewing your tagged photos is simple. To check out your tagged photos, go to your profile and tap the instagram tagged photo icon.

You can also view other users’ tagged photos by clicking the same button on their profile.

Set Instagram Tagging Permissions

To save you from removing future tags, you can adjust your tagging permissions in your Instagram settings. There are two settings for tagging on Instagram: “Add Automatically” and “Add Manually”. Most accounts are set to “Add Automatically” by default. This allows people to tag you in photos and lets the photos appear automatically on your profile.

The “Add Manually” option sends you a notification when you’ve been tagged and allows you to approve or disapprove it before it appears on your profile.

To adjust your tagging permissions, follow these steps:

      1. On your profile, click the three horizontal lines untag on instagram at the top right corner.
      2. Tap the Settings Gear at the bottom of the menu.
      3. Tap “Privacy and Security” > “Photos and Videos of You”
      4. Switch the toggle for “Add Automatically” on or off, depending on your preference.


untag yourself on instagram  

On this same screen, you can click “Hide Photos and Videos”, which will take you to a screen of all your tagged images. Here, you can choose which ones you want to hide in bulk.

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