philly2night Instagram Case Study

In this case study we show you our client @philly2night and how Social Buddy helped build their follower audience from 1500 to almost 8000 followers in less than 5 months.  In tandem we started posting more often and engagement skyrocketed from a few likes per month to 3000 in one month!

As you can see in the screen shot below their followers increased.  Also their following has increased because they do not want to unfollow anyone who is following them.  That is a preference which is up for debate and a topic for another blog post on whether you should have a low “following” count or not.

Watch the video and after, sign up to increase your Instagram audience & engagement

UPDATE: After making the video  we have reduced their following number by half and their followers by over 1000 in only a few weeks.  Check out their page here @philly2night


Written by Social Buddy

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