What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

Slang is one thing that comes along with using social media platforms. If you frequently use Facebook, then you’ve probably already run into a couple that you might not have been familiar with.

If you want to be on top of your slang game, then continue reading to find out some of the popular terms you might be faced with when scrolling through your feed.


What Does ISO Mean on Facebook?

ISO stands for “In Search Of” on Facebook, but it can also mean other things depending on the social network you’re on. 


Users on Facebook will use the term “ISO” if they’re looking or wanting to buy a particular item that other people they’re friends with might know about. An example of this would be someone writing “ISO a good doggy daycare in the area” on their timeline. This will allow their friends to give recommendations on where they think is the best doggy daycare in the area. 


What Else Can ISO Stand For?

Again, depending on the social media network you’re on, ISO can stand for different things. Nine times out of time when you’re on Facebook, ISO will stand for “In Search Of.” But, you might also run into other meanings elsewhere. 

“In Support Of,” “In Service Of,” and “Instead Of” are a few other meanings that you might run into when you see this term. 


What Does EUC Mean on Facebook?

Facebook Marketplace is somewhere you might run into a few other terms that you aren’t familiar with. EUC is one you could potentially find that you aren’t sure what it means.

EUC, or “Excellent Used Condition,” is one term that you’ll see people use to describe the item they’re trying to sell when scrolling through Marketplace. Of course, the term means exactly what it’s saying, that the item is used but is in excellent condition.


It’s basically just a way for users to up the chances of their item getting sold. Broadcasting that it’s used but in excellent condition might make others viewing the product to be intrigued by it because the term “excellent” is present. 

Next time you’re scrolling through Marketplace looking for an item, keep an eye out for the term “EUC” as it might make your next purchase a lot easier. 


What Does NWT Mean on Facebook?

NWT, or “New With Tags,” is another term you might find yourself faced with when scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, or any other social media site that offers users the option to sell something. 


NWT means exactly what it says: the seller has not used the item much and that it still has the original tags on it to prove that. 


What Does PPU Mean on Facebook?

PPU, or “Pending Pick Up,” is a term that is commonly used on sites that are based around selling items to other users. Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are both good examples of a place you might see “PPU” listed somewhere in the description.

PPU indicates that the deal between the seller and the buyer has been finalized and the item is waiting to be picked up. If for whatever reason the buyer does not end up claiming the item from the seller, the item will then be available for other buyers to reach out to the seller. 



Understanding and being able to recognize terms like the ones we covered is always helpful. Next time you’re scrolling through Facebook or Facebook Marketplace, see if you run into any of the above terms. 

Since you’re now an expert on all of the potential slang you can run into, you’ll be able to look at them and say “Hey, I know what all of these mean!”

Written by Lucia Summa


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