7 Tips for Using TikTok to Attract Customers

TikTok is the social media platform of the next generation. And while Gen Z dominates this platform, millennials have also flocked to the app to see where the action is. As these two generations are in a position to be the largest combined consumer group in the world, TikTok’s success is proving to be an exciting opportunity for businesses.

Here are seven helpful tips for using TikTok to attract customers.

Thorough Hashtag Research

In many ways, navigating TikTok is similar to navigating Instagram, especially when it comes to hashtag use and SEO. Finding the right combinations of hashtags can get your videos to your desired audience, attract new customers, and stand out in your existing customers’ feeds.

To understand which hashtags are right for your audience, you should have an in-depth understanding of your ideal customer. What are they interested in? What demographic do they fall into? What content stops their scrolling and captures their attention?

Use customer insights and popular industry trends to find the right combination of hashtags to drive qualified leads to your business. Consider A/B testing your hashtag use by posting videos with similar content at the same time of day with different hashtags. Determine which content was more successful and use that information to guide your hashtag strategy going forward.

Keep it Short

While TikTok videos can be up to one minute in length, it’s better to keep them short and sweet. According to the experts at Celebian, shorter videos increase the completion rate, which triggers the algorithm to show more of your content.

Keeping your videos short also encourages you to get right to the point. Include a compelling hook within the first few seconds, then use the remaining time to prove to your audience that your business is worth following.

If you’re using TikTok as a lead into longer YouTube videos and tutorials, start with the most compelling aspects of the overall video in TikTok’s native platform. For example, a makeup tutorial would showcase the completed look, a few highlights from the larger video, and a strong CTA to keep watching.

Work with Established Influencers

Working with influencers who already have an engaged following on TikTok can help you attract more customers. Influencer marketing on TikTok is relatively new, creating ample opportunities for companies to get in on the ground floor.

Create an influencer marketing agreement that suits your goals and the needs of your business. Before reaching out to potential influencers, identify whether your primary goal is to expand your audience or drive sales.

While it’s important to find an influencer who’s in alignment with your brand and provide guidelines, remember to give them creative space. The influencers who have become well-known and amassed engaged followers have done so by creating their own unique brand and energy. Give them the space they need to showcase your business in a way that suits the both of you. In other words, allow for some creative freedom.

Be Quick to Hop on Trends

Careful planning and consistent posting are essential for success on TikTok. However, you must also be able to hop aboard TikTok trends and make relevant videos on the go. TikTok trends such as #fliptheswitch and Dreams come and go quickly, with only a few days or weeks for companies to take advantage of them and be seen.

Pay attention to trending items and start putting a storyboard together the moment a new trend appears. Partaking will improve your engagement, shares, and follows.

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Be Human and Authentic

The last thing TikTok users want to see is another company pushing an advertisement in their face. In fact, paid ads on TikTok are extremely new and not yet established as a viable business option.

TikTok users – Gen Z in particular – want to see transparency and authenticity in marketing efforts. That means showing behind-the-scenes looks at your company and including employees participating and having fun in your videos.

Engage with Your Audience

The real work starts after you post a video. As the comments and likes start rolling in, it’s crucial to engage with your audience to spark conversations. Responding to comments is a simple way to trigger the algorithm and show that your content is relevant.

Try responding to comments with a question to encourage further conversation. The more back-and-forth with your audience, the wider your reach will be. Also, this helps create a rapport and build trust with potential customers.

Don’t Forget a CTA

Finally, close every post with a CTA, whether you’re inviting viewers to follow your profile or enter your sales funnel via text or email. Providing this direction will dramatically improve your follows, subscribes, and sales.

Use these seven tips to capitalize on the incredible opportunities that TikTok offers as a marketing platform. With time and dedication, you’ll see more followers and customers.

Written by Brian

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