Best Apps To Get More Instagram Followers  

Instagram, with 800 million users, is one of the most popular social media platforms for the younger generations and anyone on social media. Digital marketers have come to realize that Instagram is much more valuable than being just another social media platform where people share their photographs and interact with one another: they can’t overlook the way businesses have started to adopt it to connect with their target audience.


Marketers are now lining up to distribute content to the targeted group by using Instagram’s targeting and content creation tools. But like other social media platforms, Instagram is a crowded space, as nearly 50% of brands are now using this platform to distribute their content. With competition heating up, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand out and make their presence felt.

However, there are apps that can drive the growth of brands by automating many of the tasks associated with digital marketing:

1. Follow Adder

Follow Adder is designed to create growth in your Instagram followers. It is a powerful and popular Instagram tool, and is actually very simple to use. There is a quick installation process to download their software, and from there your Instagram growth is automated. You can also use Follow Adder to schedule your posts. 

In order to connect with a specific target audience, Follow Adder makes use of a variety of targeting techniques. No matter whether you are looking for entrepreneurs, photographers, influencers, or aspiring fashion designers, Follow Adder can help you find the group of users you are looking for on Instagram and distribute the content among them, helping to convert them to followers.  

2. Combin

Combin helps you expand your Instagram marketing through its intelligent, desktop-based automated service. This platform helps you interact with relevant potential customers who are accessed by using a combination of hashtag and location search. You can invite your audience for online discussions using the lead from here. You can also automate your likes and comments on their activities to engage with other users to Instagram’s daily activity limits. You can use Combin’s targeted people search engine to connect with more specific audience and also to spy on your competitors.

3. Kickstagram

Kickstagram prepares an Instagram campaign for your brand alongside your team that connects you to your target demographic. Their support is available in all associated areas such as research, lead identification, and outreach. Kickstagram helps you find genuine and relevant followers over time who could turn into potential customers. This service does thorough research of the target group and the brand’s central purpose. It helps find the target users in an intelligent manner with a special focus on genuine followers. Its reach is massive and can launch large scale campaigns.

4. Social Buddy

Social Buddy helps users organically grow their following, steadily growing real Instagram followers who will actually engage with your content. Unlike many other Instagram follower services, Social Buddy does not help you get fake Instagram bot followers – instead, they bring real, targeted followers to your page to drive both follower growth and higher engagement.

Social Buddy targets followers based on your Instagram and your interests, bringing you followers that are interested in your specific content, helping your account grow in terms of likes and comments as well as followers. To get real followers and real engagement, Social Buddy is the way to go.


As the completion rises amongst brands, Instagram influencers, and everyday users to find and reach out to their target audience on Instagram, there are a number of useful apps and tools available. These apps can assist in targeted search and content delivery that can driver followers for brands on Instagram.

Written by Erin

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