Best Food Blogs: Top 9 Cooking and Recipe Blogs

When it comes to the best food blogs, there are tons of options to choose from. The best food blogs gives us a variety of food that our culture has to offer, from recipes to reviews and everything in between.

If you are a food lover, a working mom, or just looking to revamp your cooking skills, finding the best food blogs will help you on your journey.

Top 9 Food Blogs This Year

We’ve made a list of the most comprehensive and diverse food blogs, so you can find a new source for food inspiration! These food blogs are known for sharing the best recipes and food reviews, as well as nutrition information and more. Find your favorite here!

These are the Best Food Blogs:

      1. The Domestic Geek
      2. Food 52
      3. Balanced Bites
      4. Pickles and Honey
      5. Love and Lemons
      6. Minimalist Baker
      7. Eater
      8. Serious Eats
      9. Tasty


The Domestic Geek

The Domestic Geek shares the essence of a working mom looking for easy, delicious, and ultimately quick meals.They keep their content fresh, with specific recipes for the changing seasons and holidays.

Domestic Geek comes up with recipes that can be made easily and on-the-go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with your time and busy schedules in mind. You can even check out their playlists for timed meals that makes meal prepping easier, rather than coming up with the work yourself.

This food blog had recipes that keeps vegetarians and vegans in mind. Each dish has a modifiable way to suit your dietary needs.This makes this particular food blog inclusive and ready for everyone to enjoy!


Food 52

The Food 52 blog has a modern country-style theme.  It ranges from exciting and adventurous desserts to new and daring entrees.

Food 52 shares recipes incorporated with essays that tell stories around food. The blog has a travel section that shares food worth travelling for, while also sharing insights about the cultural origins of the food. It also shares home décor ideas and gifts ideas.

This place is a one stop shop for purchasing premier cooking equipment, learning how to brush up on your cooking skills, and checking out breathtaking photos that are sure to make you hungry.

The Food 52 space has an entire community full of ways to connect. You can enter a contest with your best recipe and vote for others.

If you you’re not feeling as competitive, you can add in a recipe just to share. If you’re looking for advice on home décor or your kitchen space, there is also a hotline space in the community that allows you to connect with others.


Balanced Bites

Balanced Bites comes with Paleo and Keto-friendly meal ideas. This website even offers meal kits to get you started towards eating healthy without the cooking. The creator of Balanced Bites, Diane Sanfillipo, is the best-selling author of the 21-Day Sugar Detox  and Practical Paleo.

Explore a new way of eating with Balanced Bites! The blog also provides a fun list of programs and courses to help readers learn more about Paleo and Keto diets. You can even get certified as a Health coach through some of the programs listed on this food blog.

There is a lot to explore in terms of trying a fresh or specific new diet, so get inspired through Balanced Bites.


Pickles and Honey

Pickles and Honey is an exquisite plant-based blog. Amanda and Aaron are the creators behind the blog. They work tirelessly to create beautiful recipes with a simple plant-based twist.

Amanda created an SEO for Food Bloggers eBook, with food blog ideas and tips, that has sold over 1,000 copies and is also the founder of Pickles and Honey.

This food blog is filled with  has beautiful and vibrant pictures that are meant to entice the senses. From pastries to salads to dinner, there are plenty of delicious vegan options to explore. They also deliver a new recipe every week if you’re a subscriber.


Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons is a fun and exciting blog with a new book underway. It is filled with 300 pages worth of cooking tips, inspiration, and visual aids to take your cooking to the next level.

The Love and Lemons Everyday book has tips on how to make the most of veggies. Its recipes are exclusive – they can’t be found on the Love and Lemons website itself.

This food blog is chock full of healthy recipes and vegan staples for all food lovers to give a try.


Minimalist Baker

The Minimalist Baker takes simplicity to new heights. This blog focuses on food recipes that require either 10 items, 1 bowl,  or that only take 30 minutes to make. It’s inclusive to all kinds of diets and makes simple meals refreshingly delicious.

The Minimalist Baker also offers food photography courses, food video courses, and a minimalist every day cookbook. If you’re an aspiring food blogger or want to improve your day-to-day baking skills, the Minimalist Baker’s blog is a good way to do that.

This website also provides you quick links for the staging, lighting, and other equipment that goes into the food blogging professionally. It also has blogger resources in the About section to give beginners a start on how to start a food blog and run a successful blog.



The Eater website is a food network of sites by Vox Media. The blog’s originator was Lockhart Steele and Ben Leventhal in 2005. Eater has won four different awards from the James Beard Foundation.

This blog originally focused on dining and nightlife in New York City, but now covered at least 20 cities by 2012 and has expanded more ever since.

Eater is chock full of information about cooking and the best dining in different areas. Eater has produced a web series called Savvy that has chefs and restaurateurs discuss cooking techniques and other delicious dishes. Check out if they’ve featured any restaurants in a city near you!


Serious Eats

Serious Eats is an exciting blog that gets into the different facets of food.

This food blog has an entire section on the Food Histories. The Food Histories section gives readers the chance to learn how the food they love to enjoy first developed. Some examples from this section of the blog are “How The Ice Cream Got Its Cone” or “History of Barbecued Ribs”.

Serious Eats also dedicates and breaks down certain cooking techniques. There are sections on braising, wok skills, using a pressure cooker, and many more. Serious Eats takes eating seriously by supplying you with all the resources so that you too can vamp up your cooking skills and make delicious, sophisticated meals at home.



Tasty is a popular blog that is all over social media – chances are, you’ve seen a Tasty video on your Facebook feed or when looking through food hashtags. This food blog has recipes that are full of easy and quick hacks like no-bake recipes and even something akin to doughnut chips!

Tasty demonstrates classic recipes via videos, which creates a vibrant and young look to its site. You can get cooking hacks every week if you subscribe to their news letter.

Tasty also features its own activity kits and grocery options on their app. This blog is also home to the Good Advice Cupcakes. They also offer the Goodful cookbook and other merchandise to make you apart of the Tasty Family. These features definitely make it one of the best food blogs.

What’s Your Favorite Food Blog?

Whether you love healthy food blogs, quick recipes, vegan food blogs, or types of food like all Italian, all sushi, or all cheese, there’s a blog for you! Tell us about your favorite food blog in the comments and check out our top 9 for exciting new recipes and reviews.

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