How 5G Will Impact Social Media Marketing


What is this 5G and why is everyone so crazy up about it? Well, 5G is an amazing new technology that will affect all aspects of our lives. Contrary to its predecessors 3G and 4G, 5G will be able to perform at amazing speeds – people will be able to download and upload large files within minutes.

Theoretically, it will have a maximum speed of 150Gbps and actual results currently show 20 Gbps which is still A LOT. We will enter a new era of technology. This magic-like technology has been anticipated since long. Every telecom company is running the race of acquiring 5G.

There will advancements all sorts of fields such as automation, social media, medicine, science and so on. All sorts of new equipment will come up. Previous hypothesis will be possible to test with this tech. Military would be able to develop new technologies for national defense as well.


We will be discussing a few of the aspects that will be affected the most in detail below.

What is the 5G Hype?

So, what is 5G and why is everyone so hyped up about it? Basically it would transform the internet – files that used to be downloaded in hours would now be downloaded within minutes. With higher bandwidths and lower latencies all that was previously impossible in this area would now be possible. These days we have great internet speeds, however, this would all become 10 to 20 times faster than it already is.

Previous generations used lower frequencies as compared to their successor, 5G. All industries would be heavily impacted with its rollout. Automotive, defense, medicine, gaming, you name it. It is only a matter of time now that all that has been imagined becomes a reality.


5G and Social Media

Social media will be impacted as well. Live broadcast will be much smoother and clearer thanks to this tech. Besides this, files will be uploaded much faster. Social and professional, both forms of social media platforms will be changed forever. Social media will be accessed more often and much more easily.

Let’s take Facebook for example. Users already spend an ample amount of time browsing through Facebook. It has almost become a favorite pastime for a lot of people around the globe. Buffering videos will simply be no more. If we consider the projections that self-driven cars will become more common, it is not farfetched to speculate people will be engaged with social media much more frequently.


Frequent Social Media Visits

Following a greater level of industry-wide transformation, people will have more time to visit their social media platforms too. With everything being automated, from the looks of it spare time will not be that rare. High quality content will be available within minutes in the palm of your hand. People will be able to go through their favorite brand trends, posts and tweets for much longer than they already do.


5G for Business Promotions

5G will absolutely affect the business world in a major way. It is even estimated that almost 22 million new jobs will be created. As this is the era of information, businesses will have more reason to thrive. Timely delivery and accuracy of crucial information is highly required in the business of data as well; huge business deals and decisions rely on it.


5G for Marketers

Marketers are in dire need of 5G technology these days to achieve better results. Various industries use social media as a major resource for marketing their services and products. Vendors post online pictures and videos of their products to tempt customers, food bloggers post live streams and videos of different cultural foods and recipes to promote their profile, magazines post pictures of models and latest trends in the fashion industry while other industries do the same.

Every industry has its use for social media which 5G can better aid in accomplishing. With blazing fast speeds, higher bandwidths and lower latencies, data transmission will be possible within minutes as compared to previous ETAs that were hours long. Even though this technology is in its early stages, from the looks of it, various new internet services are bound to adapt to the new technology sooner than later.

The competition between all the top companies is so tough that the consumer gets confused about which option to go for. All companies give amazing deals and packages that the decision is almost impossible.


Automotive Advancements

The world of automotive industry would seriously revolutionized. Smart cars will evolve to a whole new level. Cars equipped with 5G technology would be able to communicate with each other and prevent accidents. Real time data and location accuracy would transmitted to the cars thus ensuring safe travels.

When all this will be done, people will have more engagement on their social media platforms. Posting selfies, taking photos and updating statuses will be much easier now that people won’t have to drive.


Virtual Reality

VR will be much more common after 5G rolls out properly. According to Forbes, 5G will reduce the latency by 10 times. VR and AR both require higher bandwidths and lower latency which will be readily furnished by this tech. The worlds of AR and VR will then seem almost flawless as compared the current experience.

All this would change the social media presence of people as well. People would be able to experience their profile in VR. As if they are physically present in the environment. Mobile phones won’t be needed to type messages, voice commands and gestures will do the job just fine.


Rollout Issues

As much as we would want it to come out in public perfectly and smoothly, it is not that simple. There are numerous issues that would arise with its launch. For instance, air purifiers would be required in every building where there is 5G. 5G basically interacts with the oxygen molecules and changes its properties, which would be hazardous for us. It is also estimated that by 2030, air purifiers would sell commercially, giving rise to a whole new industry


Even though it is a great new technology and everyone is happy about it, it still requires some precautions. Such as, people will be more engaged in social media activities, hence, eyes will get weaker and more quickly. Higher radiation will be emitted so more chance of cancer will emerge. There are countries already seeking precautions for its prevention. Some countries are already putting up jammers and banning this technology.



Summing it all up, there are numerous things that will evolve with the successful launch of 5G on a global scale. Medicine, entertainment and many more industries will reap the benefits of this remarkable evolution. People will literally enter new worlds after this tech is released. We just have to wait because it is just a matter of time.

Science will take a huge leap forward in the future with better connectivity and reliable data transmission. Millions of lives will be saved with medicine just because of reliable real time data transmission.
After all this discussion it is up to you to decide how you want to proceed with this tech. If you want to stay as updated as everyone else, you will have to get the latest devices. After all who would want to feel left out? For more info on this topic, stay tuned.



How will 5G affect social media?

People will spend more hours on social media due to higher speeds and reliable connections. Higher resolution of images and videos will keep the users engaged for hours on end.


What does 5G mean for marketers?


Marketers will reap greater benefits with 5G. Impeccable speeds and reliable connections will enable marketers to market their products and services with unprecedented ease. Richer content delivery will become possible.


What will 5G enable?


5G will enable a multitude of devices to be connected together simultaneously. Also, a whole other world of possibilities will open up. Smart cars will be more common. Smart wearables will not be as rare as they are now.


Is 5G faster than Wi-Fi?


As compared to its predecessor, 4G, it has theoretical speed of upto 150 Gbps and actual tested results have already shown speeds of 20 Gbps. Wi-fi has comparatively higher latencies and lower bandwidth so, yes it will be faster.

Written by Social Buddy

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