Fitness Apps That Can Help to Keep You Motivated

Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds or you’re just looking to get fit, lean and toned, there are a multitude of high-quality fitness apps available on both your smartphone and tablet. Fortunately, the vast majority of these apps are free to download and use, and it’s quick and simple to set up an account so that you can get started. For individuals who are tired of paying the high price of life insurance due to obesity-related diseases, using any of these apps can help you reach your goals so that you’re able to receive a viatical settlement, which provides a lump sum of cash. You can get an estimate on your life insurance policy online.



Used by over five million people worldwide, SWEAT is one of the best fitness apps available to women. Top female personal trainers are available around the clock to get you lean and buff in no time. You can take the app to the gym with you or train easily in the comfort of your own home. Programs are available to both beginners as well as those who consider themselves to be elite trainers. SWEAT can help to provide you with the motivation that you need by allowing you to set scheduled workouts and receive reminders for when it’s time to exercise.


Home Workout – No Equipment

Over 50 million people around the globe are using Home Workout, which is an app designed to give you an intense exercise experience without the need for equipment or a gym. You can choose from a large range of different workouts, from full body, chest, abs and even arm options. With expert coach tips, you’ll receive the advice, recommendations and motivation that you need to both get started and keep going. You have a multitude of different workouts available for individuals who are beginners to advanced.


30 Day Fitness Challenge

10 million people currently use the 30 Day Challenge app, which is designed to help you sculpt your body and burn fat. You log onto your account each day and do a thorough exercise that is designed to grow with you over the course of 30 days. Expert coach tips give you advice when performing each movement so that you know you’re doing it right. No equipment is needed, so you can workout right in the comfort of your very own home.



FitOn is always free and always on, providing users with access to thousands of trainer-approved videos and workouts that you can enjoy right at home. You can even sync your workout to a machine that you have that’s compatible with the app, like an exercise bike or treadmill. However, if you don’t have a piece of machinery available, you just need to log on and get started quickly and easily. The app is effortless to stream to any screen and is even available on smart televisions.


Total Fitness

Called the pocket personal trainer, Total Fitness is used by millions of people worldwide to achieve lasting, drastic results. With more than 100 exercises available to target each muscle group, you’ll be toning and sculpting your body in a way that’s comfortable and achievable. You can workout for long periods of time at the gym or for just 10 minutes when you have a chance in the comfort of your own living room.

Written by Brian

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