How to Blow up on TikTok

Blowing up on TikTok isn’t necessarily hard since it can happen to anyone, regardless of how many followers you might have. Having some tips and tricks up your sleeve for your next TikTok video won’t hurt, it might even just put your content right where it needs to be to blow up.

TikTok was once known for teenagers going viral based on the dances they would do, but not anymore. The app has expanded into a social media community that broadcasts tons of helpful tricks and trends that go viral. The great thing about TikTok is that it doesn’t matter how many people are following you, it’s all about trying to get your video onto everyone’s FYP (For You Page).  

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Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about “blowing up” on TikTok and some tips you can use to get you to that point. 


How to Blow Up on TikTok

“Blowing up” on TikTok means the same thing as “going viral.” It’s something that anyone can do at any time, no matter the number that’s posted above your “Followers” on your profile. Even though everyone has the same chance of going viral, it won’t hurt to know the couple of steps you can take to push your content closer to becoming viral.  


TikTok is all about understanding its algorithm, which determines how many users will see your content. TikTok organizes content for its users based on videos that you previously engaged with. This means that everyone’s For You Page (FYP), or a user’s feed, is different. Understanding how to get your video onto people’s FYP that engages in the same content that you’re posting is crucial in trying to go viral. 

We’ll go through some things you should keep in mind if you’re eager to start taking TikTok seriously. 


The Basics 

We’ll start with some basics that you’ll want to take note of when creating your next TikTok. 

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  • Have Good Lighting – make sure that you’re in a spot that has good lighting. The darker your video is, the less chance it’s going to have of standing out to people scrolling by. 
  • Use Trending Music – use a trending sound, even if it’s just background music to whatever it is that you’re doing in your video. It’s known that people who use sounds in their videos have a higher chance of getting noticed. 
  • Add Text – adding a couple of words at the beginning of your post on the screen is a great way to capture viewers’ attention. When editing your video, use the “Set Duration” feature to only add text for the first couple of seconds in your video. You won’t want to have the text covering your face for the entirety of it as it would probably be a little distracting. Whatever you can’t fit, just simply add it into your caption or comment section. 
  • Create Relatable Content – creating content that people can relate to is so important in terms of engagement. The more people that can relate to your video, the more people will engage with it. We’ll go through some relatable content, or trends, that you can use to help get you started. 


Share Your Video at the Right Time

Scheduling your content to be posted at the right time is key to making sure it reaches the maximum number of users. TikTok added a feature where you can schedule your posts to be posted at a later time. This is great for anyone who is constantly on the go that might not have time to sit down and post. 

TikTok TimeYou’re only able to schedule TikTok posts on your desktop, so we’ll start there.

  • First, you want to make sure that you have either a Business Account or Creator Account. Go into Settings > Account to change it if you don’t already.  
  • Log in to your TikTok account on a web browser
  • Click the Cloud icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen. 
  • Edit your video, adding whatever hashtags, caption, or cover image that you want. 
  • Select a time and date in the “Schedule video” section to schedule your post. 
  • And that’s it!

Using TikTok’s Video Scheduler is a great feature to use, but it does have some limitations. You’re only allowed to schedule videos anywhere from 15 minutes to 10 days, and it’s only allowed to be used through a web browser. 


Expand your TikTok to other Social Media Platforms

It’s fairly easy to post your TikToks to other social media platforms, like Instagram or Facebook. When you expand your content to other sites like these, it increases the chances for your video to be seen by more people. This is where the algorithm comes into play. The more people that see your video, the more people will interact with your video, and that will make even more people see your video. See how that works?

Social Media

Do yourself a favor and upload your next TikTok that’s under 30 seconds to your Instagram story and see what happens. 


Participate in Trends 

Being up to date on TikTok trends is so important if you want to get in on some of that virality. Thousands and thousands of challenges, sounds, and hashtags go viral every single day. You’ll want to remember them to increase your chances of blowing up. 

TikTok Haul

Here are some examples of trends that you can use based on your niche:

  • Trending Sounds – Different sounds go viral almost every day, so try using one in your next video. Remember that also adding in a funny caption that people can relate to is an excellent way to potentially bring in more traffic. 
  • Clothing Hauls – This trend is where users take a video of themselves showing everything that they bought on their last shopping trip. Whenever your next package comes in the mail, open it on camera and show everyone what you got. It might be something they like and also go on to purchase! 
    • Tip: If you use Amazon a lot, try setting up an Amazon Storefront to bring in some extra commission and list your favorite finds for viewers to scroll through and purchase!
  • Grocery Hauls – Next time you come back from your Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s grocery run, take a video of what you purchased that day and what you plan on doing with the ingredients for your next couple of meals. 
  • Cooking Videos – You might hear of being on “different sides of TikTok,” but I think everyone can agree that no one’s disappointed if they’re on cooking TikTok. Taking a video of yourself cooking your favorite meal or the newest recipe you discovered is never a bad idea if that’s what you’re into. Try it out next time you stumble upon a nice chicken dish or cookie recipe!
  • Workout Routines – Tons of people are all about working out and keeping themselves healthy. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in the gym, record your workouts to give viewers some ideas of what to do on their next trip to the gym. 
  • A Day in the Life – Creators will film a video of what it’s like to live a day in their lives. Whether it’s a lawyer, entrepreneur, nurse, influencer, or just someone that has a day off, it seems to be a trend that everyone loves. Next time you’re doing something that you enjoy, try filming it to see if others might enjoy it too. 
  • Unboxing and Reviewing Products – Creators might film a video where they buy something expensive or just something that they want to review that they think is worth showing to people. Whether it’s the new Apple AirPods Max or a dupe you might’ve found on Amazon, try doing an unboxing of your newest and latest purchase and review it for viewers to see!
  • Makeup/Skincare Routine – People all over the world struggle with finding the right makeup and skincare routine that works for them. Next time you sit down in front of a mirror, whether it’s to get ready for a night out with friends or for a night in with some sushi and a good Netflix show, record your step-by-step routine to show viewers if what you do can help them figure out what’s right for them. 


Post Videos for Completion Rates

You want to create interesting enough content that users will want to stay until the end. If you don’t capture users’ attention within the first couple of seconds of them stumbling upon your video, chances are they’re going to end up scrolling past your content. Even though TikTok recognizes view as the second your video starts to play by a user, if everyone ends up scrolling past then it doesn’t end up being very helpful to you as the content creator. 


Maximize your Engagement 

Without the help of your followers or just TikTok users in general, it’ll be hard to blow up. You’ll want to create content that people can relate to and want to engage in. Try these tips next time you want people to interact with your posts:

TikTok Hashtag

  • Use Duets and Stitches – TikTok has features called Duets and Stitches where users can either react to your video side by side (Duet) or make it an actual clip in their video (Stitch). Encourage people to participate in these features to boost your chances of gaining a wider audience. 
  • Engage in Other Users’ Content – the more you react to other people’s content, the higher of a chance it’ll be that they click on your profile and interact with yours. Next time you’re scrolling through and you see something you relate to, don’t be afraid to leave a comment or two on the post.
  • Engage in Trends – use any of the trends we listed above as a way to get started. The best way to get involved is to find your niche and run with it. 
  • Post One TikTok a Day – the recommended rule on TikTok is to at least get one video out a day. This is a way to stay consistent if you’re considering taking TikTok seriously. 
  • Use Hashtags – the best way to target a wider audience is by including hashtags that have to do with your video. #Workout, #Skincare, and #Foodie, are all good examples of what kinds of niche hashtags to leave on your next post. 



Now that you’re ready to get your account in shape to blow up on TikTok, use what you’ve read in this article to help get you started. TikTok’s algorithm might seem a bit intimidating, but once you understand how it works, the chances of you going viral become much higher. 

How to Blow up on TikTok

Next time you open up the TikTok app to create your next video, remember some things:

  • Find a trend that fits in your niche and build on it. 
  • Have good lighting when creating your content. 
  • Use trending sounds/filters in your videos.
  • Create relatable content viewers will engage with. 
  • Add some text, whether it’s in your caption or on the screen of your video.

Written by Lucia Summa

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