How To Change Your Instagram Email Address

If you search online, you will notice that many people with Instagram accounts are searching for ways to change the email on their Instagram account. You may want to change the email address for various reasons.

If you’re having issues with your Instagram account for one reason or another, it is essential to change your email on the account to avoid losing it completely. Whether your account has been hacked or you have forgotten your password, the process is easy and very simple.     

Many Instagram users register their accounts using false emails or using old email addresses they no longer have access to. Even though it might be a good idea to use a fake email for security reasons, there may be several problems in the future.

If you have used a fake email address to register your Instagram account, you may have issues recovering your precious account in case of a tragedy. If your Instagram is connected to an old email address you no longer have access to, you should also consider changing it so that you don’t lose your account. 

Therefore, if you used a false or former email, you may have noticed your account has been hacked or that you cannot remember the password. It is possible to change the email on your Instagram account. The steps to change your Instagram email are provided below.

How To Change The Email Address On Your Instagram Account

You can change the email address connected to your Instagram account through the web or through the Instagram app.

Changing the email on Instagram is simple and very easy. Follow these steps to change your email account.

      1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the “Edit Profile” button.      
      2. Your email address will appear below “Private Information”.
      3. Ensure the email address is correct, or else tap on that field to change it.  


After changing the email, you will receive a confirmation to the new email address. Open that email, and then go through the instructions carefully to verify the email. Keep in mind that without verifying the email, you might not be able to access your account.

If you still have issues when logging to your Instagram account or changing the email, check the official Instagram Help Page. Here, you will find steps to assist you in recovering your Instagram account. For more Instagram tips and tutorials, check out our blog

Written by Erin

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