How To Create an Instagram Aesthetic

In the last few years, the use of Instagram has grown more and more prominent and almost everyone nowadays posts content on Instagram. There are a lot of uses for Instagram, but the most common use is for promotional purposes. Whether you’re promoting a business, a person, products or services, Instagram works wonders for all such purposes. Nowadays, Instagram has also become the preferred e-commerce space for a many brands, as they post updates via posts and Instagram stories and gain potential leads while turning them into customers online.   

Understanding Instagram is quite simple; the basic principle here is that for a great promotion you need to have a great account. The more genuine followers you’ve got, the better you can grow your brand. Without knowing the basics of promotion, however, gaining viewers’ attention and getting genuine new followers can seem next to impossible.   

To guide you in the race, we’ve penned down some time-proven methods to make your Instagram account stand out from the crowd while providing it with an aesthetic edge.  Your aesthetic on Instagram can help establish and maintain your brand and what you represent, so curating a purposeful aesthetic on Instagram can help you get more likes and followers on Instagram.   


Know Your Target Audience

According to Instagram expert Kat Coroy, “You want to be clear about who your customer is, because you want to create an Instagram account that will appeal to them, and draw them into your world.” It is vital to create a visual connection for your brand to the target audience and push that creativity to achieve sky-high success.

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Therefore, the very first step is to be clear about your target audience and consider them as you create and share content. While you’re creating your account for a specific demographic of users, great content can also spark interest in users outside of that target group as well.

Use A Consistent Theme  

It’s essential to have a great, focused theme to create a visually appealing Instagram. Having a theme is a lot more than just subject matter. While your content should, of course, stay on brand, it should also appear cohesive. Stay true to certain guidelines for color composition. What theme you choose is up to you – you can do all pastels, stick to either warm or cool colors, post bright pictures, or go for black and white. There are a lot of great themes to try out, so find one that works and stick to it in terms of color scheme and filters used.

A consistent theme that is pleasing to the eye helps your audience stay for longer, and once they come for the theme, they’ll stay for your amazing content. Make sure that the theme you choose matches with the niche you’re targeting, and then stick with it.   

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Edit Images To Maintain Aesthetic

Nowadays almost all smartphones capture fine, quality images. Just clicking pictures and posting them unfiltered is a thing of the past, however (unless you pride yourself on #NoFilter). It is important to edit the image in a professional manner; this goes hand in hand with creating and maintaining a theme. You don’t have to use the exact same filters every time, but you should edit your pictures so that they match your theme and look good together.    

Choose a reliable photo editing app to edit photos, either using the same recipe of tools each time, or using the same filter for consistency. Instagram has some great filters of its own to use as well. Editing photos will improve their quality and help the photos mesh well together, creating an appealing visual aesthetic.

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Consider Your Grid

Your posts appear on followers’ feeds, of course, but they also appear within the grid of your profile. By grid, we mean the pictures’ appearance on your profile in chronological order in rows of three photos. For a focused aesthetic on Instagram, you should consider how each photo will appear on your grid and what pictures come next to it.

You can be conscious of the grid by staying aware of what photos will sit next to or on top of one another, spreading out similar posts so that they flow nicely on your page. Some users manipulate the grid even further by posting different colors or content for every other post, creating a checkerboard effect. You can also use the grid to post pieces of pictures that come together to create full image on your page, but this must be done carefully.

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Instagram Aesthetic: Conclusion

Creating and maintaining a cohesive, visually appealing Instagram aesthetic is not easy, but it can be done with careful consideration. Take time to think about your target audience, what appeals to them, and what would look good with your usual content. From there, all you have to do is be thoughtful when creating, editing, and posting your content to create a themed, aesthetic Instagram.

Written by Erin

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