How To Check Messages on Instagram  

You can send direct messages to groups or individuals on Instagram. Similarly, if someone has sent you a direct message, you would be keen to know how you can access it and send a reply.  

How To Check Direct Messages on Instagram

Once you have opened your Instagram account, go to your homepage. You will notice the mail icon on the screen’s top right corner. Tap it to go to your Instagram Direct inbox.  

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When a new message comes, it will show up here. When you see the message icon on the screen’s top right corner, you should notice a number count. That is the number of new messages that have to come to your inbox since you last checked it.   

Now, you can have a look at the messages that you have received. The most recent message will appear on the top and the least recent at the bottom of the list. Messages which have not been read yet display a blue dot next to it.  

Unread Messages  

In case you have received too many messages, you can search for a particular message through a search field provided at the top of the page. You can enter a phrase, keyword, or name of the user in order to search relevant messages in your inbox. To open a message or conversation thread, you need to tap it. There is a message field which you can use to send a reply. You can send text, pictures, GIFs, and more through Instagram’s direct message feature.

There is a camera icon on the right side of every message. You can tap it, take a photo or make a video, and send it as a reply.   

To exit your inbox tap the arrow back at the top left corner of your screen, and you will get back to your homepage.

Instagram Message Requests

It is possible to receive messages from users who you don’t follow. These messages will appear as message requests and you can choose to either accept or decline them. If you choose to accept it, you can view the message and send a reply as well. If you decline it, the sender will not be able to send you anymore new messages. The user who sent you the message will not know that you viewed it unless you accept the request.

instagram message request

To see your message requests, go to your direct message inbox. At the top of the screen, under the search bar, you will see your message requests in blue on the right side of the screen. If you have message requests, it will say “### Requests”. Click here to view the requests.

Once you open the message, you can click “Decline” or “Allow” to accept or decline the message request.

Can’t Check Messages on Web  

Unfortunately, Instagram’s web version does not have a direct messaging feature. It is among some of the key features that Instagram currently does not allow on its web version.

However, you can still enjoy all the regular features of Instagram if you have a Windows PC. You can send and receive direct messages including videos and photos. You simply need to download the Instagram app onto your computer to enjoy all the regular features.

Written by Erin

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