Best Apps To Track Instagram Followers

Have you ever wondered who your Instagram followers are, who has unfollowed you, or how your online strategy affects this kind of data? Instagram has a lot of great features, but one tool that is missing is a way to track your followers and analyze how your followers interact with your posts and account as a whole.

If you run a business account on Instagram, tracking your followers and engagement is important to see how your business’ social media marketing strategy is thriving or failing. Even if you are only concerned with your personal account, who doesn’t want to know who follows or unfollows them? Tracking Instagram followers is a great way to keep tabs on your audience and see how users engage with you online.


Luckily, there are websites and apps that can help you track Instagram followers. There are different features offered and different prices, ranging from totally free to overpriced. To help you find the best app for your Instagram profile, we’ve compiled the best Instagram follower trackers, sure to help you or your business gauge Instagram followers and engagement.

Using the data obtained from these apps, you can eventually build Instagram followers by focusing on your best practices and creating a smart social media strategy.

Free Instagram Followers Tracker Apps

With so many free Instagram follower apps to choose from, it’s hard to know which apps to use and which ones will waste your time. To save you from downloading and deleting a few sub-par apps, we’ve tested them for you. Check out our recommendations for the best, free follower tracker apps.

These apps are great for personal Instagram accounts to see who unfollowed you, but businesses looking to build a social marketing strategy on Instagram should invest in a more comprehensive, paid app or website that caters to brands and businesses.

Best Instagram Followers Tracker: Followers Plus +

Price: Free, optional in-app purchases

Followers Plus + tracks new followers and unfollowers. It also provides lists of those who you follow that don’t follow you back, and users that follow you that you don’t follow back. You can also see who has blocked you, as well as deleted likes and comments. Followers Plus + also reveals your most and least popular posts, and your best and worst followers. The catch? Some of the data is only available after you’ve signed up with the app, so you can’t see past unfollowers, people who blocked you prior to downloading the app, etc. You still get the full report on who likes and comments on your photos the most, including posts from before you had Followers Plus +. 

Based on our research, this is your best option for a free app to track followers; other similar apps require in-app purchases for features like your best followers and most frequent likers of photos. In terms of features offered, Followers Plus + is the best you’ll get entirely for free. This app is great for tracking your personal account, but if you’re running a brand or business account, keep reading for options that provide a greater range of engagement information and statistics.

ghost follower app

App to Track Lost Followers: Followers Track for Instagram

Price: Free, optional in-app purchases

Followers Track for Instagram is one of the most popular free apps to track Instagram followers. The app tells users who has recently followed or unfollowed them, as well as anyone they are following that does not follow them back. Upgrade to the paid version to get access to information like who has blocked you, deleted likes and comments, and other information like your most dedicated followers and “ghost followers” who follow you but don’t engage with any of your posts.

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App to Track Instagram Follower Growth: IG Analyzer

Price: Free, optional in-app purchases

The IG Analyzer app updates in real time to show your current followers, who you follow, and more. This app makes it easy to find and unfollow those who have unfollowed you: push notifications will alert you to any new unfollowers. IG Analyzer tracks your follower progress as you use the app, creating helpful graphs like the one below. The app also offers statistics like average likes per post and comments per post.

insta follower app

To get a detailed analysis, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version of the app. The upgrade includes helpful information like ghost followers, influential followers, secret admirers, and more.

Best Instagram Follower Apps and Websites for Businesses

Businesses marketing through their Instagram account and other social media platforms will most likely want to know more than just who follows and unfollows their accounts. There is a wide variety of Instagram tracking services available, looking at everything from follower engagement to competitor analysis to ROI conversions from Instagram posts.

We cover the most popular metrics-measuring apps and websites, in order from the least to most expensive starting prices. Many of these websites offer free trials or free Instagram audits even if their monthly fees are a bit expensive, so be sure to read about their tools to decide if they’re worth at least a trial run.

Instagram Insights for Business

Price: Free

If you run an Instagram business account, you do have access to some basic insights via the Instagram app. Instagram Insights breaks down impressions, engagement, reach, top posts, and other audience demographics. Instagram Insights doesn’t cover the full spectrum of what a business likely wants to track on their account, but this feature is free and worth checking out for some of the native analytics of your profile.

To find Instagram Insights for your business account, simply click the three vertical lines at the top right corner of your profile, and click “Insights”.


Price: Free, or plans starting at $9.99/month

Crowdfire tracks who follows and unfollows you, helps you discover, curate, publish, and schedule content across social media channels, and offers post engagement analytics. There is  a free version, but this option is extremely limited in features. Paid versions of this app are relatively inexpensive, and offer additional features like more advanced analytics, RSS feed connections, and bulk content scheduling.


Price: Starting at $29/month

Iconosquare is officially partnered with Instagram and Facebook, and offers abundant statistics and insights to optimize your business’ online presence. Iconosquare offers analytics like follower evolution, engagement stats, community analytics, Instagram story impressions, competitor tracking, and more. Modestly priced, Iconosquare is great for businesses that want to improve their social media strategy without overpaying. 

Iconosquare also offers a free Instagram audit (only for business accounts) offering insight on over 20 metrics, for those looking for a test of the full version.

Union Metrics

Price: Starting at $49/month

Union Metrics is an official partner of Twitter, but analyzes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. This website offers “social intelligence for marketers,” assessing profile performance, campaign reporting, keyword listening, competitor analysis, and more research to improve social media performance.

Simply Measure

Price: Starting at $99/month

Simply Measured works across social media platforms, making it a great tool for businesses who want to track their total online presence. Simply Measured is a paid service, tracking various metrics including engagement trends, social listening, Instagram story analytics, and much more. Simply Measured is on the expensive side, but may be worthwhile for businesses who want to track a wide variety of KPIs across social media channels.

To get a taste of Simply Measured’s tools, you can try their 30 day free trial, offering post engagement stats, hashtag and keyword mentions, and more.

Social Bakers

Price: Starting at $200/month

Social Bakers has a full host of social media tools; the more you’re willing to pay for their plans, the more tools you can use. Social Bakers uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to assess your social media strategy, looking at factors like audience and customer personas, content engagement analysis across social media platforms, content creation and scheduling, and tracks and analyzes campaigns and conversations around your brand.

Social Bakers also has a free Instagram audit for those looking to test their services before committing to payment. The free audit will show your most popular posts, user interactions, and how different filters and hashtags perform.

Written by Erin

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