Best Wedding Hashtags for Instagram and Social Media

Wedding posts make up some of the top trending content on social media platforms like Instagram. While the thought of a wedding hashtag may call to mind punny phrases using the happy couples’ names, more universal hashtags are useful to help your posts get noticed. If you’re trying to attract more attention to a post or grow your audience, hashtags are a helpful tool when used correctly.


Why should I use wedding hashtags?

Hashtags group photos together, creating an online topic page of all the posts using that tag. Using hashtags allows other users online to see your post, resulting in more likes and hopefully followers.

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram followers, hashtags can bring more people to your page and increase engagement on your posts. Wedding hashtags are especially popular, so wedding-related posts create a great opportunity to capitalize on a trending topic on websites like Instagram.

You can also use hashtags to search through existing posts. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and inspiration to find the perfect wedding down to every detail. Browsing through popular hashtags online can help wedding planners and brides find ideas, tips, and inspiration. Searching for visual inspiration online can often be more helpful than reading all of the wedding planning books out there (although those certainly help too).

You can search larger hashtags like #WeddingGoals, or get more specific depending on what you’re looking for, like #BridalHair for hairstyles or #BridalBouquet for floral arrangements.

Top Trending Wedding Hashtags on Instagram

Every day there are more wedding-related posts on Instagram and other social media platforms, and the best way to group these posts is through hashtags. The most popular wedding hashtags on Instagram have millions of posts, meaning that many other users are looking at these hashtags.

Using these Instagram hashtags can help you reach a large audience – but it’s also possible that your post can get lost in such a large pool of similar posts. The best practice is to use some of these top trending hashtags in combination with less used hashtags, where your post can stand out.

Here are the Top Trending Instagram Wedding Hashtags:

      1. #Wedding
      2. #Bride
      3. #WeddingDay
      4. #WeddingPhotography
      5. #WeddingDress
      6. #WeddingPhotographer
      7. #WeddingInspiration
      8. #Marriage
      9. #InstaWedding
      10. #WeddingParty


Creative Wedding Hashtags

To attract a more specific audience to your post, get creative with the hashtags you use! General hashtags with a huge amount of posts tend to be overused, so your post can get lost among millions of others.

Top trending hashtags are fine to use still, but you should work in a few more specific hashtags with fewer posts as well. This way, your post will stand out with less competition from other posts.

With so many different elements that go into a wedding, there are thousands of possible hashtags to include in your posts. We’ve offered suggestions for some of the most popular subgenres of wedding hashtags. Simply copy and paste a few or the whole set of hashtags to share your post with the online wedding community.

Funny Wedding Hashtags

For the bride and groom with a good sense of humor, there are abundant funny or punny wedding hashtags to include on their post. Weddings are stressful, so laughing along the way is a healthy way to unwind. Use these funny wedding hashtags to add comic flair to your Instagram posts.

#EatDrinkBeMarried #TilDeathDoUsParty #WedLongAndProsper #NewlywedsOnTheBlock #LoveAtFirstSwipe #Bridezilla #NachoAverageWedding #BeerlyBeloved #TwoLessFishInTheSea


Cute Wedding Hashtags

If you’re posting or searching for extra romantic content, there are plenty of serious and seriously cute wedding hashtags to explore. These hashtags are perfect for sharing posts about the bride and groom, their story, or any other romantic aspect of the wedding.

#HappilyEverAfter #LoveWins #BetterTogether #TogetherForever #ToHaveAndToHold #ForeverAndAlways #JustTheBeginning #WorthTheWait #LoveAtFirstSight #MeantToBe #Soulmate


Top Wedding Planning Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a common source for brides-to-be or wedding planners to look for inspiration, so consider that demographic when creating a post. It is useful to think of what you would search if you wanted to find inspiration for dresses, bridesmaids, or any aspect of wedding planning.

Copy and paste these hashtags for general ideas, and search for more specific hashtags if you’re looking for help with one certain element of planning (be it food, venues, dresses, or one of the many other details).

#WeddingPlanning #WeddingPlanner #WeddingIdeas #WeddingInspiration #WeddingInspo #WeddingGoals #InstaWedding #DreamWedding #EventPlanning #WeddingDetails #WeddingFashion #BrideStyle #WeddingDecor


Bridal Hashtags

Every bride wants to look her very best on her wedding day, and bridal posts make up some of the top wedding content online. Brides share their style and tips with other brides online, who can search through hashtags for inspiration. To bring more attention to your bridal posts, use these hashtags.

#Bride #BrideToBe #BridalLook #BrideStyle #BridalBouquet #BridalHair #BridalHairstyle #BrideOfTheDay #BrideStory #BridalWear #BridalGown #WeddingDress #WeddingGown #BrideBlogger


Wedding Photography Hashtags

Wedding photographers can share their post online to get more followers and potentially future gigs shooting another wedding. Hashtags can help photographers get their name out there and reach more users, especially in very popular wedding hashtags.

Copy and paste these hashtags to your wedding photography posts to reach the larger online wedding community and share your work. You can also include your local city or the area in which you work to reach that specific demographic.

#WeddingPhotography #WeddingPhotographer #WeddingPhoto #WeddingPhotoIdeas #WeddingPhotographyIdeas #WeddingPhotoshoot #WeddingPhotoInspiration #WeddingPhotoBook

Fairytale Wedding Hashtags

Every bride wants her big day to be like a fairytale. Copy and paste these fairytale wedding hashtags to make your magical day even more whimsical.

#HappilyEverAfter #FairytaleWedding #FairytaleRomance #Fairytale #OnceUponATime #WhenYouWishUponAStar #DisneyWedding #DisneyBride #LoveAtFirstSight #TodayWasAFairytale #DreamWedding #StoryBookWedding

If Things Don’t Go as Planned on The Big Day – Hashtag #weddingfail

Every wedding has issues and you might as well have fun with it.  Here is a hilarious video from Jimmy Fallon reading tweets from the hashtag #weddingfail.

Written by Erin

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