12 Ways To Get More Likes On Instagram

Maybe you’ve just created your account, or maybe you’ve been on Instagram for a while and just aren’t getting the amount of likes you want. Whatever the case, we’re here to help you with this list of 12 ways to get more likes on Instagram

Post Consistently

The more you post, the more likely other Instagram users are to discover your page, engage with your pictures and grow your Instagram following. Try to post once a day, or at least a few times a week for the best results.

Post high quality photos

This may sound simple, but posting high quality photos is important when you are looking for people to like your photos. You don’t necessarily need a fancy camera, but make sure your photos are clear and have proper lighting.

Create a theme

Instagram is all about visuals, and a good way to make your page visually appealing is by applying a theme. This can be done by using the same filter in all of your posts, using a backdrop or props consistently, sticking with the same colors in your posts or by sticking with an overall theme content-wise for your pictures themselves.

Use Local or Global Hashtags

Using hashtags puts your photos in an index with other similar photos. Use the most popular hashtags relating to your post to target users near you or to to reach users from around the world.

Tag a Location 

This lets people in your area see your post. Those searching for photos taken in a certain area will be more likely to like the photo.

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Post Videos and Use the Carousel Feature

Switch up your postings by sharing videos and using the carousel feature to share multiple photos at once. The best Instagram posts and pages are ones that tell a story, and using these two features helps to achieve that.

Tag Influential Accounts with Content Similar to Yours

When you tag other accounts, your photo will appear on their page in the “tagged in” section. It also notifies the influencer of your post, which they then might repost or give you a shoutout for.

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Follow more accounts

This one’s pretty simple: show other accounts love by following them and liking their pictures and they will be more likely to reciprocate.

Post Instagram Stories and Instagram Live

Keep your followers engaged in ways other than just a normal post. Instagram stories are posted for 24 hours and then disappear, while Instagram live allows users to watch your content as it is happening. Use both the Story and Live features for posting informal content, Q & A sessions, and time sensitive topics that may not warrant a regular post.

Post “Tag a Friend” Photos

Challenge those looking at your photo to tag other users. This works especially well if you post something humorous or relatable.

how to get more likes on instagram

Post at times when a lot of people are checking instagram

Posting at times when most of your Instagram followers are online makes it more likely to rack up those likes quickly. If your post does well, this tells Instagram that it’s good quality, and Instagram will then show it to even more of your followers!

The best times to post are highly debated and may depend on what types of users you are going after. Generally, the best times to post are when people tend to be on break or out of work, so mainly between 11 am-1pm and 7pm-9pm.

You can also use apps that will calculate the best times to post based on your followers. Try using apps like Prime to let you know the best times to post each day based on your followers.

Promote your posts

If you are a business, promoting your post through Instagram’s ad platform allows you to reach users who don’t already follow you. If they see your post, users may like it and give you a follow.


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Written by Erin

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