The Worst Times To Post On Instagram

A successful Instagram post is all about timing. Posting at any given time could be very effective or completely ineffective in terms of engagement on your post. It all depends on a number of factors: during some periods of the day, people are simply away from their phones and are not active on Instagram. These time periods are the worst times to post on Instagram. You should know some facts that will help you find out which times to avoid and how to post to improve engagement.


Times To Avoid On Instagram   

When posting on Instagram, you should always consider your audience. It’s important to account for who your specific target audience is, as well as general Instagram statistics like the fact that 55% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old.

Instagram is particularly popular among younger social media users, many of whom log on to Instagram during specific periods of the day. It’s helpful to keep both your target demographic and broader knowledge about Instagram users in mind when deciding when to post.       

You could have the best posts and the best pictures in the world, but if you share them at the wrong time they will not get much attention. For that reason, avoid certain hours on Instagram.

For obvious reasons, you should not post in the middle of the night when your followers are asleep, unless you have a large follower base in a different time zone. Instagram users are inactive during these hours and you won’t be able to adequately reach them, as they’ll be asleep. Some Instagram experts have suggested that posts on Sundays and Mondays receive the least engagement, so avoid these days when possible.

Peak Instagram Hours

Now when you know when to avoid posting on Instagram, you should also think about when you should post. If you are a business owner, or you simply want more likes and shares on your personal profile, you must find out which hours are the best for posting. 

Some experts have suggested that in between 6PM and 9PM on weekdays the most users are active on Instagram.

Put thought into when users are most likely to be on their phones. Try posting between 11AM and 1PM, when many people may be taking a lunch break and scrolling through Instagram, or after work hours in the evening. If you have a business account on Instagram, check your Insights page to see when your followers are most active.

Test out different times and see if there is a significant difference in terms of likes and comments on your posts. Once you find out the right routine, you can focus on engaging with other users and sharing amazing content. For an in-depth look at peak Instagram hours, check out Social Buddy‘s blog about the best times to post on Instagram.

Get More From Instagram   

If you want to be an ultimate influencer on Instagram, make sure that you post at the specific time periods that will best reach your followers. Get to them at the best time and see how they respond. Now that you know what times to avoid and what times to post, you can strategize your Instagram posts and get the most out of this social network.

Written by Erin

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