How Can I See Who Watched My Facebook Live? 

When Facebook introduced its Live Video feature in 2015, users took advantage of it by engaging their audiences with real-time videos. 

Facebook Live Intro

Influencers and marketers saw this as an opportunity to reach their followers in an authentic way that demonstrated they were open to communication. 

With that being said, here are a few things you need to know about Facebook’s Live Video feature:

Facebook Live is a feature that allows users to live stream content directly to the social media platform. It was created so users can broadcast what they are doing at present time to their followers. Using this feature is an excellent way to engage your audience and increase exposure to your content.

In comparison to other social media platforms that offer a live video feature, Facebook has a more relaxed feel. Not having to alter any videos before posting ensures that your audience will be able to see and connect with you in a real way.

Of course, with Facebook Live comes some questions and concerns for users. Some might want to know more about the privacy concerns, while others might want to know about the stats for their video.

We’ll start by answering one of the more popular questions, “Can I see who views my Facebook Live video?”

Can I See Who Views My Facebook Live?

While you’re streaming a Facebook Live video, you can see who’s watching by going into the live stream management page. 

You’ll also be notified when people join your live video. If someone that you’re friends with on Facebook joins, you’ll receive a notification at the time that they start watching.

If someone that you’re not friends with on Facebook joins, you’ll only see that they joined if they interact with your video by liking or commenting. 

Will someone know if I watched their Facebook Live after it ends?

Once the Facebook Live video has ended, you can’t see who specifically viewed it while the video was streaming. But, you can see some other stats based on your video.

Facebook Live Video

Things like how many video views you got and the amount of time you streamed are just some of the statistics that you’re presented with after you click the “End Live Video” button. 

In other words, you’ll just have to ask your viewers to interact with your video if you want to specifically see who was watching afterward. 

Can people see you on Facebook Live?

Facebook Live will only reveal who you are if you’re friends with the person making the video, or if you like, comment, or share the video.

Facebook Friends

You’ll be able to enjoy it anonymously if you don’t click on the live video to see them, even if you’re friends. 

Depending on what your privacy settings are, your other friends might be able to see when you interact with someone else’s live video. Keep this in mind if you don’t want others to know whose live video you’re viewing!

Can you choose who sees your Facebook Live?

You can set your Facebook Live to broadcast only to those that you are friends with on Facebook, or if you want, you can also set it up to exclude some of those friends in the privacy setting tab. 

Facebook Settings

If you want to do a live video that has a specific target audience, Facebook also allows for you to go live within groups that you might be an admin or member of. 

So yes, you can choose who sees your Facebook Live when streaming – but it’s entirely up to you. 

Can you watch Facebook Live anonymously?

You’re able to watch a Facebook Live video anonymously, but only if you don’t click on the live video. The user that is streaming the live won’t be able to see you, even if you’re Facebook friends. 

On the other hand, if you leave a like or comment on the video, your identity will be revealed. 

Facebook Anonymous

How do you get more views on Facebook Live?

Here are some tips to follow if you want more views on your Facebook Live:

Facebook Time
  1. Tell your followers beforehand – You’ll want to make sure that you share with your followers and friends when you plan to go live. This makes them aware so they have enough time to decide beforehand about joining your live. 
  2. Give a summary at the beginning – Explaining what is expected out of your video before you start is a great way to keep engaged users. If they’re interested in what you’re broadcasting, they’ll stay on for the result. 
  3. Don’t waste any time – As soon as your live video starts, get into what you want to talk about right away. None of your viewers will want to sit and watch you wait until more people join. 
  4. Encourage viewers to interact – A good way to make viewers feel like they’re involved with your video content is to make sure you encourage them to interact while you’re streaming. Using this technique will guarantee that you have a wider audience for your content later on. 
  5. Ask for feedback – Asking for feedback from users is a great way to see how you can improve before your next live. See what your followers might want from you as a video content creator – it will only help you out in the long run.

Following these simple tips will eventually show you the power of video streaming!

How do you join a Facebook Live?

If you want to join someone’s Facebook Live, follow these simple steps:

Facebook Live
  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the “Watch” icon at the bottom.
  3. Tap the “Live” tab near the top left corner.
  4. Tap the magnifying glass icon.
  5. Search for the live video you want to watch. 
  6. Tap the video to start watching.


Now that you know everything about Facebook Live, go ahead and try it out. 

When streaming or watching your next live video, keep in mind a few things:

Facebook Live Conclusion

You’re only allowed to see who’s watching your video while the broadcast is happening. Once it’s over, you won’t be given a list of people who watched your video – rather just the number of how many were. If you want to see specific video stats, go to the Insights tab to check. 

Facebook Lives are a great way to establish brand recognition, expand your audience, or promote a particular product. Use it to your advantage, but remember – have fun with it!


Written by Lucia Summa

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