The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Coins

Almost every social network or app seems to use a version of virtual currencies nowadays. TikTok, like several others, added their virtual currency as a way to monetize their app. 

So, what exactly is TikTok’s currency? How does it work? How can you get a hold of it? 

Here’s a guide to everything you need to know if you’re interested in obtaining TikTok’s virtual currency.

TikTok Social Media

Now that TikTok is recognized as one of the world’s most popular social networks, it wasn’t a bad idea to figure out a way to monetize the app. 

This is where the app currency, TikTok Coins, comes into play. 

The way you want to buy and spend TikTok Coins is totally up to you. If you don’t want any part in it, no worries, it won’t have any effect on your TikTok account. But if you are interested in what this virtual currency is all about, then keep reading.


What are TikTok Coins? 

Coins are TikTok’s in-app currency that users can purchase with real money to show their love and support for their favorite content creators. You can use the Coins to buy Gifts to give to other users on TikTok. Essentially, it’s a way to “tip” other creators for their content. 

What are TikTok Coins

On the other hand, creators can take the Gifts that they receive and turn them into Diamonds, which can be cashed in for real money.  

Different Coins have different values each day, meaning the cost for them will fluctuate. This is basically saying that you might not pay the same price today for Coins as you will tomorrow. So, if you’re looking to try it out just once or twice, keep an eye out for lower prices because TikTok Coins are non-refundable. 


How do you get TikTok Coins?

Acquiring TikTok Coins isn’t necessarily hard by any means. The only requirement is that users must be 18 years old or older to purchase or give Virtual Gifts. This is TikTok’s way of trying to avoid any scammers within transactions. If you meet this requirement then the Coins will be added to your wallet on TikTok within seconds after purchasing.

TikTok Gifts

Follow these 8 simple steps to start your TikTok Coin journey: 

  1. Open the TikTok app. 
  2. Go to your profile in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  3. Click the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner. 
  4. Click “Settings and privacy.” 
  5. Click “Balance.” 
  6. Click “Recharge.” 
  7. Select the number of Coins you want to purchase. 
  8. Confirm your purchase.


How do you use TikTok Coins?

After purchasing your desired number of Coins, you can use them to buy Gifts to send to creators. Virtual Gifts are presented as stickers and animations that come in a wide range of colorful styles.

How to Use TikTok Coins

Note: Depending on the type of Gift you want to purchase, a different amount of Coins is needed. 

When you purchase enough Coins, you can go into your favorite content creator’s LIVE video and open up the gift panel. If you hit the “send” button on your selected Gift, it will appear on the video immediately after. If you forget to purchase Coins before, it’s no problem, just click on the Gift icon located at the bottom of your screen and follow the steps. 


Can you get real money from TikTok Coins?

TikTok does not let you exchange TikTok Coins for real money. The only thing that can be exchanged for real currency is TikTok Diamonds.

Real Money from TikTok Coins

To break this down, we’ll give you an example. Since Diamonds are worth 50% of Coins, 100 Coins = 50 Diamonds, 50 Coins = 25 Diamonds. 

Content creators can cash in for real money after reaching 100 Diamonds. But, TikTok is going to keep 50% of what you earn. You can cash in for $50 but only walk away with $25. See how that works? 


How much do TikTok Coins cost?

The cost of TikTok Coins fluctuates daily and can be different in other countries. 

TikTok Country Pricing

The current prices (June 2022) for TikTok Coins in the United States are as follows:

  • 70 Coins – $0.74
  • 350 Coins – $7.40
  • 1,400 Coins – $14.80
  • 3,500 Coins – $37.00
  • 7,000 Coins – $74.00
  • 17,500 Coins – $185.00


What are the different types of TikTok Gifts?

There are currently 8 different TikTok Gifts that you can share with your favorite creators. Depending on the type of Gift you want to purchase, a different amount of Coins are needed. 

Types of TikTok Gifts

Here’s a list of the TikTok Gifts that you can choose from and their prices:

  • Panda – 5 Coins 
  • Italian Hand – 5 Coins 
  • Love Bang – 25 Coins 
  • Sun Cream – 50 Coins 
  • Rainbow Puke – 100 Coins 
  • Concert – 500 Coins 
  • I’m Very Rich – 1,000 Coins
  • Drama Queen – 5,000 Coins 



If you’re looking to earn some extra money nowadays, becoming a content creator can be one of your best bets. If you grow your account large enough, you’ll be able to receive Gifts from other TikTok users which you can cash in for real money. Click here for some tips on how you can grow your account.

Take what you’ve learned from this blog post and explore what TikTok has to offer with its Coins, Diamonds, and Gifts features. 

TikTok Coin Conclusion

But first, here are some key takeaways to remember about TikTok’s currency:

  • Monitor the Coin pricing because they fluctuate each day.
  • You won’t be able to get refunded once you purchase Coins, so choose wisely!
  • Depending on the type of Gift you want to purchase, a different amount of Coins is needed. 
  • You must be 18 or older to participate in TikTok currency.

Written by Lucia Summa

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