Best Travel Hashtags on Instagram

There’s no doubt #travel has become one of the biggest Instagram trends in the past year. So, maybe you want to join the crowd, but how will you get noticed? Using hashtags will significantly increase your chances of getting noticed among the millions of users in #travel. But, here’s the catch: you need to use them correctly.

Bonus Tip: Feel like your use of hashtags is overwhelming as a caption? A simple way to overcome this issue is to add your hashtags as a comment. Your post will still show up on the hashtag page, but there’s not an overwhelming amount of content in your caption!


Use Travel Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Following

Using travel hashtags to share your posts from around the world can drive more users to your account and help you get more followers. Adding the right hashtags will attract other Instagram travelers or others looking to travel or pick their next vacation destination. Using popular but specific hashtags can bring more traffic to your post, resulting in more likes, comments, and followers.

Top Travel Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram and other social media websites have a huge amount of travel-related posts. If you’re just getting started or want to explore posts about travel on Instagram and you don’t know what you’re looking for, it could be helpful to start with a popular hashtag. These top trending hashtags have an abundance of content, perfect for finding travel ideas or browsing through the best travel content on Instagram. Check out these top ten travel hashtags on Instagram to get started.

These are the Top Trending Instagram Travel Hashtags:

      1. #travel
      2. #holiday
      3. #vacation
      4. #wanderlust
      5. #TravelGram
      6. #InstaTravel
      7. #adventure
      8. #explore
      9. #TravelPhotography
      10. #traveling


Creative Travel Hashtags to Draw Attention to Your Posts

While the top trending travel hashtags are great for ideas and inspiration, it is easy for your posts to get lost in the millions of other travel pictures under those hashtags. It’s okay to use a few popular hashtags, but ideally your post will include more specific hashtags related to your post.

The key here is to add hashtags of different variations: #Traveling #Travelgram #Instatravel #WorldTravel – you get the idea. Adding these various hashtags will increase your exposure, chances of making an impression, and will grow your Instagram followers. Using variations and hashtags with less content will allow your post to stand out because there is less competition.

Depending on the kind of trip you’re posting about, there are plenty of variations and niche hashtags to explore. Pick and choose your favorite hashtags, or copy and paste the whole set for an easy caption to your next travel photo.

Destination Hashtags

Now, you call yourself a traveler right? This means you’re visiting different locations every day and have amazing photos of the world’s most beautiful sights. So, when choosing your hashtags, be sure to include ones that are location specific. These types of hashtags will super target an audience specifically interested in these locations, therefore increasing your exposure even more.

To capitalize on location-based hashtags, use variations like the country, city, or popular attractions that are featured in your post. Some cities or countries also have official tourism hashtags that you can include as well. These examples show how you can vary hashtags for one location, in this case Rome.

#Italy #Rome #Italia #Roma #TravelItaly #RomeAdventures #RomanHoliday #ItalyLife #VisitRome #InstaItalia #AncientRome #RomanRuins #Colosseum


Vacation Hashtags

Maybe you’re not a professional traveler, but you’re taking a much needed and well-deserved vacation. There are plenty of hashtags for tourists both to search through for travel inspiration or to share your vacation pictures. Try these vacation hashtags to share your next getaway or find your next spring break location!

#Vacation #Tourism #Tourist #Holiday #Trip #Visiting #FamilyVacation #VacationTime #VacationDays #VacationFun #Vaycay #TravelMore #LuxuryVacation #FamilyTravels #TravelingWithKids


Instagram Hashtags for Travel Bloggers

Experienced Instagram travel bloggers know the importance of adding hashtags to their posts, and newcomers can learn from their success. There are abundant options for travel bloggers, especially if their blog focuses on one specific aspect or region of travel.

Have a travel blog? Don’t be shy to plug your blog in your hashtags, too. There are plenty of people out there looking for the perfect travel blog to follow, and that could be you! Not only will this help drive traffic to your Instagram page, but now you’ve added extra exposure to your travel blog as well.

Some hashtags link to well-known online travel communities, and using these hashtags could get your post featured on their official page. For example, #TLPicks is connected to Travel + Leisure magazine, and using this hashtag could result in massive exposure for your blog.

#TravelBlog #TravelBlogger #TravelGram #InstaTravel #BloggersOfInstagram #TravelLifestyle #TravelWriter #TLPicks #PassionPassport #TravelDeeper #BeautifulDestinations #LiveAuthentic #FromWhereIStand #TravelStoke #DameTraveler #IAmATraveler

Adventure Travel Hashtags

Searching for adventure? Whether you’re a regular traveler or you’re just looking to break out of your routine, these adventure hashtags are sure to provide inspiration and help you share your latest adventure with the online travel community.

#adventure #wanderlust #AdventureSeeker #GoExplore #RoamThePlanet #PostcardsOfTheWorld #Nomad #NomadicLife #LiveOutdoors #WorldTraveler #LetsGoSomewhere #AdventureGram #ExploreMore


Road Trip Hashtags

Maybe you’ve planned every stop, or maybe you’re winging it – either way, a road trip is an exciting way to travel. Hit the open road and document your trip with these hashtags.

#RoadTrip #RoadTripping #HitTheRoad #OnTheRoadAgain #TakeTheScenicRoute #Cruisin #OhThePlacesYoullGo #PassTheAuxCord #OpenRoad #LetsGetLost #LifeIsAHighway #InstaRoadTrip #CrossCountry


Hashtags for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone allows you to fully embrace the culture and life in your destination. Solo travelers can document their trip with these hashtags and more.

Your Am#SoloTravel #SoloTraveler #ExploreSolo #TravelLife #TravelBug #Globetrotter #TravelDiary #JustGo #TravelMore #TravelPhotography #TravelLifestyle

How To Hide Hashtags on Instagram

You may notice other travel bloggers get their posts featured on hashtag pages, but you don’t see hashtags in their captions. There are ways to hide your Instagram hashtags so that they don’t clutter your caption. Most Instagram bloggers use one of two methods.

Method one is to place your hashtags in a comment. This will still attach real hashtags to your post, and your post can still be featured on hashtag pages or Instagram explore for that hashtag, but saves you from a long, messy caption. You can only comment discoverable hashtags on your own posts; if you comment a hashtag on another account’s post, it will not place that post on the hashtag page.

A second option is to create space in your caption. Instagram does not allow the “enter” button to actually create blank space in captions, so to do this you should type out your caption in a separate app like the Notes app. Many bloggers create this space by putting a piece of punctuation or an emoji on each line and pressing enter. See the post below for an example, and then copy and paste your formatted caption on your next post.

For more tips on how to use hashtags on Instagram, check out our guide to Instagram hashtags.

Written by Erin

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