How to Raise Money Online

Online fundraising is a great way to raise money for a non-profit organization or a charitable cause. Using the internet allows organizations to increase exposure to both their cause and their fundraiser, as social media, email, and other useful online tools can reach well past their existing network to find new donors. These eight online fundraising strategies can help any charity or non-profit reach fundraising goals and increase their organization’s online presence. 


Charidy helps non-profits increase fundraising through its unique online platform. Charidy is a crowdfunding resource, but their technique offers a 99% success rate for meeting goals. With Charidy, you can set a fundraising goal and they will help find donors willing to match donations during a 24 hour period. The matching donors only make their donation if the goal is reached, which inspires others to donate more to meet the set goal. Charidy also links to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others so that donors can share the fundraiser and encourage others to contribute as well. 

Amazon Smile 

Amazon Smile is an easy way to earn extra fundraising money with little effort. Sign up your charity or non-profit with Amazon Smile and then share with supporters. Anyone can choose to link their Amazon purchases to your charity, and then for every quarter they spend on Amazon, five cents is donated to your cause. It seems like a small amount, but with lots of purchases over time you’ll raise a significant amount of money with ease. Besides, every penny – or nickel in this case – counts. 

Facebook fundraising

Social media is a great way to gain support and spread awareness about charitable causes online, and Facebook has made fundraising even easier. Their donation tool makes it easy to set up a page for your organization and share it with the “Donate” button easily clickable for followers or friends. The “Donate” button can be added to both the page itself and any posts shared, getting more exposure and hopefully more donations with each post. 

One-day-only flash fundraiser  

Email is a useful tool for reaching donors, supporters, or anyone in your network. Sending regular emails asking for donations is pretty typical, but holding a one-day-only flash fundraiser via email may encourage some spirited donating. Pick a day randomly or a day that corresponds to your cause (for example, the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month if your organization is raising money for breast cancer research) and send out email blasts rallying the cause for the day or setting a goal to reach by the end of the day. You can also use text messaging or a social media blitz for a flash fundraiser.


Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money online, often through websites like GoFundMe. Crowdfunding utilizes social media, email, and other online sharing to request donations for a cause. Donors can offer as much as they’d like, anonymously or with their name and even a note attached. Donors and supporters then share the page and motivate others to donate as well, creating a far-reaching campaign online. 

Viral campaign

Social media is an extremely lucrative tool for fundraising, and the more creatively you use these platforms, the better. To really gain traction online and get your campaign to go viral, user engagement is an important tool. A great example of this was the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, where donors created videos of themselves dumping ice water on themselves and tagging friends to do the same. A creative, fun campaign like this allows donors to feel involved and also will get more attention online than a standard fundraiser. Creating a catchy hashtag will also help increase exposure.

Incentivizing goals

Often, people are not interested in donating because they get nothing out of the experience (other than good karma). It doesn’t always make sense to offer gifts or some other incentive, as it would take away from the money raised. There are, however, creative incentives that will encourage donations, especially if a set goal has to be reached to receive the incentive. An example of this could be that for every $500 raised a member of the organization will shave their head (this would also work for spreading awareness for a cancer-related organization). Silly, fun incentives like this are free to the organization and motivate donors to help reach fundraising goals. 

Online auction

An online auction is easier to manage than a live auction, and it can reach more people who may not have made the trip to an in-person auction. Regular donors or sponsors can donate prizes, and often local businesses are willing to make a charitable donation as well, so finding prizes can be low-cost. There are various websites that will help set up an online auction, and platforms are easy to use. People will be more likely to donate when they have the chance to win a prize, so this is a win-win for donors and the charity.

Written by Social Buddy

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