Social Buddy Launches Service to Grow Instagram Followers

Social Buddy, a Philadelphia based social media marketing agency, this week launched a powerful growth and engagement service for Instagram accounts. The new service helps Instagram business accounts target people in their niche and engage with them on the popular platform.

“The service helps brands of all sizes with engagement, targeted follower growth and increased exposure online,” says Ray Sheehan, founding partner at Social Buddy.

Even though Social Buddy launched this week, they have been testing their service over the last few months with a group of 100 clients. “The results have been tremendous,” says Sheehan.

The Social Buddy Instagram service has a low cost starting at $7 per week, up to $15. They provide email and phone support as well. The service works for all types of businesses, professionals and personal brands looking to acquire an edge on Instagram.

Instagram has doubled its user base, to 800 million monthly actives in two years, fueled by new features such as stories, shoppable photos, explore pages and many more new features. There are over 1 million businesses using the Instagram platform.

About Social Buddy

Social Buddy is a social media marketing and growth agency dedicated to helping clients grow their social media followers and engagement on the most popular platforms. Currently serving over 100 clients and growing each month. In mid 2018 Social Buddy will launch content creation and marketing services to extend their offering beyond the growth platform.

Written by Social Buddy

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