How To Get On The Explore Page on Instagram

Almost as coveted as the blue verified check mark, getting on the Instagram Explore page is a goal for many businesses, brands, and influencers on Instagram. Even if you don’t run a business account, who wouldn’t want to get more followers and likes though a feature on the Explore page?

Getting your post on the Explore page puts your posts directly in front of users that are likely to be interested in your content. This makes a feature on the Explore page a great way to expand your reach online, find new followers, and get more likes on your posts. Anyone advertising on Instagram knows that the Explore page is a prime time spot to showcase your brand.

Unfortunately, getting featured on the Explore page is not an exact science. We’ll share how the Explore page works and tips to get your post on the Explore page.


What Is The Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram Explore, also known as the Search and Explore Tab, is the page on your Instagram that features posts from users you do not follow. This page also houses the Search bar that allows you to look for other users, hashtags, or posts that interest you. You can access the Explore page by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of your screen, or the compass on the desktop version.

The purpose of the Explore page is to showcase other accounts or posts that may interest you. Instagram wants to keep users on their app for as long as possible, so they curate an Explore tab specifically for you. Across the top of your Explore page there are even more specific topics that may interest you. If you want to discover new brands, find new accounts to follow, or you just have some time to kill on the ‘gram, check out your Explore page.

instagram explore page

From The Popular Page to Instagram Explore

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you may remember the “Popular” page. The popular page on Instagram was not-so-popular with users, and received little attention.

Part of why the popular page failed to take off was probably because it was the same for all users. Instagram showed the same popular posts to all of its users without tailoring it to their interests.

The Instagram Explore page, on the other hand, caters its posts to each specific user; no one has exactly the same Explore page on Instagram. Instagram tailors your Explore page based on the Instagram algorithm, which is constantly learning what interests you and adjusting your feed in response.

Instagram Explore Page Algorithm

Instagram’s Explore page is based on the new Instagram algorithm. To learn exactly how the Instagram algorithm works, click here.

Basically, Instagram’s algorithm is all about keeping you on their app for as long as possible. To keep you on the app, Instagram wants to keep you interested and engaged with the content you see. Instagram’s algorithm tracks your activity online to learn what interests you and then shows you that content.

The Explore page is fueled by the algorithm that tracks your interests. Instagram looks at your interests (what you like, watch, search for, etc.) and your relationships (who you interact with, whose posts you like and comment on) to determine what kinds of posts would most interest you on the Explore page. Those factors, plus recency of the post, are used to choose posts that will appear on your Instagram Explore.

If you peruse your Explore page, you may notice how the algorithm factors in. You should see accounts similar to those you follow, hashtags that you frequently like, and generally content that you tend to engage with online. My Instagram Explore page, you ask? Full of puppies, tattoos, and comedians. Instagram knows me well.

instagram explore page

Why You Should Try to Get on the Explore Page

You may be wondering why you should even want to be on the Explore page. Aside from the obvious increase in likes and comments, getting your post on the Explore page is a great way to reach a larger audience.


The Explore page can place your post in front of new followers who are specifically interested in your content, which means that they’ll be more likely to hit the follow button. Since the algorithm is based on interests, your post will only be featured on Explore pages that are tailored to your interest group and target audience.

If you’re a business advertising on Instagram, the Explore page is basically free advertising that dramatically improves your follower base and can lead to potential customers and increased profits. Rather than paying for an Instagram featured ad space, you can simply try to boost your post to get organic likes, comments, and visibility on the Explore page.

How To Get On The Instagram Explore Page

How can I get my post on the Instagram Explore Page? Many users ask themselves this question. With an estimated 95 million photos and videos shared each day on Instagram, there are plenty of other posts to compete with.

While there isn’t a fool-proof strategy to get your content on Instagram Explore, you can use your knowledge of the Instagram algorithm and engagement to optimize your posts. These tips may not get you on the Explore page right away, but they will improve your Instagram regardless, getting you closer to that featured spot.

Keep in mind that your account must be public to be featured on the Explore page. Learn how to change your Instagram privacy settings here.

To get on the Explore Page on Instagram, try these tips:

      1. Engage with your followers
      2. Add your location
      3. Use hashtags
      4. Post at the right time
      5. Include a call to action
      6. Grow your followers


Engage with your followers

Instagram tries to put the best posts on the Explore page. This means that your post must perform well first to be featured on the Explore page. If Instagram deems that your post is high-quality and it engages your followers, it may help you reach the Explore page.

Instagram has revealed that it chooses to showcase your content “based on how relevant it is to the people following you”. If your followers like and comment on your post, there’s a higher chance that it will be featured on Instagram Explore.

Know your audience online and post content that interests them! If you haven’t already established a target audience, ask yourself: Who would buy this product/service? What interests my target audience? What kind of content do they follow or post?

Add Your Location

Adding a location to your post can improve engagement and help you to reach more local followers. The Explore page often features images based on location, so tagging your location can help your post get discovered more easily. You can also search for locations on the explore page, and your post could be featured on the specific location page that you used.

You should also use location-based hashtags.

location explore page

Use Hashtags

Speaking of hashtags, you should always use hashtags on posts if you’re looking to engage with more users and get more followers. Hashtags essentially brand your image as related to that topic, so if you add a #fashion to your post, Instagram knows that your post is fashion-related.

Hashtags make it easier to get on the Explore page because it labels the content of your post. If someone is interested in a certain topic or follows that hashtag, it’s more likely that your post will be featured on their Explore page for that interest.

Research the best hashtags for your industry and the best practices for hashtags on Instagram.

hashtag explore page

Post at The Right Time

One factor influencing the Instagram algorithm is recency: how recently something has been posted. Even if you receive lots of likes and comments, if your post is too old it will not be chosen for the Explore page. This means that you have to engage with your followers quickly, and to do that, you must post at the right time.

Sharing at the right time means accounting for peak hours of activity on Instagram. You should know when your followers are most active to see your post and share it at this time to get engagement on your photo, fast.

Research the best times to post on Instagram, the worst times to post, and when your specific followers are most active. If your account is a business profile, use the Insights tool to help you find the optimum time to post.

Include a Call To Action

Since Instagram is more likely to feature a post with a large amount of engagement, you should remind your followers to engage. Include calls to action like “tap to like”, “comment below”, or, even better, ask a question. Asking a question for your followers to answer in the comments can help to encourage greater engagement. A post with a lot of comments is likely to be added to the Instagram Explore Page.

Grow Your Followers 

Instagram rewards posts with great engagement. Social Buddy can help you improve both followers and engagement. Our Instagram growth services helps you to organically grow your Instagram following with real, targeted followers. Get more niche, targeted followers who will engage with your content and help your post reach the Instagram Explore page!

How To Tell if You Were Featured on Instagram Explore

Instagram does not notify you if your post is featured on the Instagram Explore page. Everyone’s explore page looks different, so you may have made it onto an Explore page without realizing.

If you notice a post has way more likes than your average, it may mean that post was featured on the Explore tab. Another sign is if you see lots of comments from accounts that you don’t recognize – this also indicates that you reached more people and perhaps that your post was featured.

Get Featured on Instagram Explore

Try out our tips or sign up with Social Buddy to improve your chances of getting on the explore page on Instagram! Focus on creating great, engaging content, and your chances of making it on Instagram Explore will improve.

Written by Erin

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