What is the Best Instagram Growth Service? 

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms, especially for brands and businesses promoting their products and services. Since it’s such a popular platform, however, it can be difficult to stand out and gain Instagram followers. Whether you’re on Instagram as a blogger, influencer, business, brand, or just for fun, everyone wants more followers.

Growing an Instagram following can be hard work, which is why many businesses and influencers turn to Instagram growth services. An Instagram growth service can help grow your Instagram account for you, so you can focus on creating great content for your followers to enjoy. 

Choosing the best Instagram growth service is another challenge, however. Some growth services work against Instagram’s Community Guidelines, and breaking those guidelines may hurt your account more than it helps it. Learn how to choose the best growth service for your needs so that you can get more Instagram followers with ease. 

Pros and Cons of Using an Instagram Growth Service

If you’re on the fence about using a growth service, there are pros and cons. There are some growth services that promise great results and safe practices, but may fail to grow your account or only supply you with fake, bot followers. It’s important to choose a reliable Instagram growth service.

There are potential disadvantages to an Instagram growth service. They can be expensive, or worse ineffective – taking your money without growing your account. Some use shady practices that can hurt your account and reputation. If a service offers fake followers, Instagram may purge those followers in their efforts to remove fake accounts. 

Luckily, all of the cons of growth tools can be avoided by picking the right service. The right Instagram growth service will help you grow your account with real followers, organic methods, and safe practices. With the best Instagram growth tool, you get these benefits and more. 


Benefits of Instagram Growth Tools

  • Passively grow your account: An Instagram growth service does the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding new followers. This can save time for more important tasks for your business and gives your more time to focus on creating amazing content. 
  • Improve your credibility: With more followers, your account will look more legitimate and professional. This can improve your business or brand credibility and give you more authority in your industry, as well as improve visibility.
  • Increase leads and sales: The more followers you have, the more people are seeing and talking about your brand. This can also lead more customers to your website, giving you leads or even sales depending on your business. 
  • Unlock Instagram features: Accounts with more followers are more likely to become verified on Instagram, and can unlock extra features like the ability to put a clickable link in Instagram stories. More followers will also improve your standing with the Instagram algorithm, which can help your posts get seen by more users. 


How To Choose an Instagram Growth Service 

Do your research before choosing an Instagram growth service to ensure that you make the best choice for your account. Look for these factors before you make a purchase. 


Real Followers 

Look for an Instagram growth service that guarantees real followers, not ghost followers or fake bot accounts. Many services say that they’ll increase your following, but they don’t tell you that all of your followers will be fake accounts with no followers of their own and spammy usernames like CJH888329.

You may think that it doesn’t matter if the followers are real or not – the number of followers on your account will increase anyway, right? While fake followers will increase your follower count, they can ultimately hurt your account for a few reasons.

First, fake followers are likely to get deleted. Instagram is committed to weeding out inauthentic users, and they have targeted fake accounts in the past. Instagram purges will delete millions of fake followers at once to clean up the platform. That means that you might pay for fake followers just to have them all removed shortly after. 

Second, fake followers won’t engage with your content. This means that you’ll have a large following, but no more likes, comments, or shares on your posts. Buying disengaged, fake followers will actually lower your engagement rate, as your ratio of followers to engagements will be thrown off. 

This can make it obvious that your followers are fake, or make it look like your followers simply don’t like your content. Influencers are judged more by engagement rate than follower count, so it’s better to have engaged followers. An account with 5,000 engaged followers is better than an account with 10,000 followers who never like or comment on your posts. 

Finally, fake followers can tip off Instagram to the fact that you purchased followers. Fake accounts are against Instagram’s Terms and Conditions, as is buying ghost followers. If Instagram sees that your account is followed by thousands of fake users, they may flag your account as fake as well. There is also speculation about an Instagram shadow ban, in which Instagram bans your account so that no one can see your posts. 

Don’t risk your account’s safety by buying fake followers! While Instagram bots are cheaper than quality growth services, it’s worth investing in real followers.

Real followers will improve your engagement rate, because they can actually like and comment on your posts. If your Instagram account is for business, real followers may actually become customers – a fake account certainly won’t buy your products or services. 

Read into your Instagram growth service of choice to ensure that they promise real followers, not bots or fakes. 


Organic Growth Methods

How do Instagram growth services work? There are various methods that these social media experts use, and some are better than others. 

As we’ve already mentioned, some services simply sell you fake followers that immediately follow your account. Gaining that many followers at once will raise red flags, and may result in Instagram banning your account temporarily. We don’t recommend using this method. 

Other services automate certain actions on Instagram. There are some that automatically like users photos, some that automatically follow and unfollow accounts, and some that even auto-comment or DM users. 

The idea behind automated engagements such as these is that, once you engage with an Instagram user, they’ll click your username and follow your account. By piquing their interest with a like, follow, comment, or DM, users are encouraged to check out the person that interacted with them. If your content is interesting or relevant to their account, they will hopefully follow you after visiting your profile. 

The most important thing to consider when looking at growth methods is how organic it looks. Having 1000 new followers in one hour is not organic, and wouldn’t happen naturally. Gaining followers slowly by interacting with them online is the better way to gradually build up your Instagram following.

The best growth tools don’t just automate, but offer you a real account manager to handle your Instagram growth. This way, they are not just plugging your account into a software to blindly interact with users on your behalf. Look for an Instagram growth service that promises organic growth, and a real account manager to handle your questions and account needs. 


Advanced Targeting

Everyone wants more followers, but it’s important to find the right followers. The best growth service finds you followers who are not only real, but who are actually interested in your niche, industry, and content.

For example, imagine you are trying to grow a fashion account on Instagram. Targeting any and all users will probably get you a few followers, but it isn’t very efficient. If they try to engage with a construction account, for example, that person probably won’t be interested in following fashion accounts. A good Instagram growth tool will target followers who are more likely to be interested in your account’s topic, in this case fashion. 

There are various targeting factors to consider, and a service with advanced targeting will account for all of these factors. 

  • Competitors: Targeting competitor accounts is a great way to find followers in your niche. Using our earlier example, you could target similar fashion accounts, as you know that their followers are interested in fashion. 
  • Location: If you run an account for a local business, or one that posts location-based content, then it helps to target users in your area. Local users are more likely to be interested in your location-based content, and if you own a brick and mortar business then they will be much more likely to visit if they live in the area. 
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to determine users’ interests on Instagram. If an account uses or follows hashtags, like #fashion, for example, it suggests that they’re interested in that topic. Targeting hashtags that relate to your account can help to find users that are interested in the content you share. 
  • Influencers: If you want to become like your favorite influencer, target their followers! Targeting influencers in your niche will help find followers interested in your content. 


Look at how your growth service of choice targets followers. A more targeted audience will ensure more followers and engagement!


Safety Measures

Not all Instagram growth services follow the rules of Instagram. Using some services will not only hurt your following, but it can get your account flagged or banned. It’s important to find a growth service that guarantees your account’s safety. Look for reviews from customers and safety practices to ensure that your account is safe and your information is secure. 



Of course, the most important factor of an Instagram growth service is whether or not it works! Find a growth service with guaranteed results so that you don’t waste your time and money. Look for case studies, positive reviews, or directly reach out to a customer service team for more data. 

The speed of results will vary depending on their growth methods. Pick one that works best for you, but make sure you search for organic results. Growing your account too quickly will raise red flags, so look for results over time rather than instant results. 

You should also be able to track the results of your efforts. Look into the dashboard or reporting features of your growth tool of choice, so you can see how much they help your account. Trackable results will ensure that you’re getting what you paid for! 


Find the Best Instagram Growth Tool

Use this guide to find the best growth service for your Instagram account. An Instagram growth service should make your life easier, so search for a tool that will help you passively grow your account. 

With the right IG growth service, you can grow your Instagram following and improve your brand visibility, sales, and more. Focus on creating engaging content and let a growth tool do the rest!

Social Buddy is one of the best Instagram growth services out there. We offer real followers, organic growth, advanced targeting, and a personal account manager to help you grow your account. With Social Buddy, you can make the most of your Instagram account without spending hours looking for new followers. Sign up today!

Written by Erin


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