What Does TBT Mean?

The abbreviation “TBT” is most seen on Instagram, as it was a popular trend some time ago. You’ll often see a hashtag before it, which just makes it another term you have to add to your social media slang. 

The concept is simple, but we’ll explain it to you so you can be aware of what it means next time you stumble upon it. 


What Does TBT Mean?

Throwback Thursday, or TBT, is a social media trend where users will post old pictures of themselves with the caption “#throwbackthursday,” of course. 

Although it isn’t used a lot anymore, it used to take over the internet every Thursday. This doesn’t mean that people don’t still use it, it’s just not as popular anymore. 

If you’re curious about the topic, try searching up “Throwback Thursday” on Instagram and chances are you’ll be pretty surprised.


What Do Users Post for a TBT?

What you want to post for Throwback Thursday is totally up to you. Whether you want to reflect on something that happened last week or 10 years ago, it’s your choice. 


Oftentimes, you’ll see people post pictures of past vacations, their pets, themselves as babies, or their old home decor as the subject for Throwback Thursday. The concept of it doesn’t really have any rules, so just have fun with it!


How to Use TBT in Posts

Of course, it makes the most sense to post a Throwback “Thursday” on a Thursday, so if you’re reading this and it just so happens to be a Thursday, then you’re in luck. 

Instagram is most famous for its TBT trend, so you can pick whether you want to add a Story or an actual post for your throwback. Again, since it’s Instagram, there really are no rules and you can do whatever you want.


The only thing you want to make sure to do if you want to participate in the trend correctly is to include #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday somewhere in your post so your followers understand what you’re posting a picture from a while ago for. 



If you’re curious about some other terms that are used on social media platforms like TBT, then click this link where we go over some others that are popular these days. 

Now that you’re a TBT expert, try it out next time it’s Thursday so you can see what the hype about the trend was all that time ago!

Written by Lucia Summa

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