How To Use Social Media To Boost Amazon FBA Sales

Social media has become a highly valuable tool for eCommerce users. The reason why it is valuable is the total volume of users that are engaging with each other and businesses on these platforms, or some form of content related to these apps and sites, on a daily basis. With the strengthened, and broadened communication methods, people have also been able to link this to improving Amazon sales, as online business relies heavily on marketing strategies.

Using Amazon and social media in conjunction is a great way to boost sales, but how does it work? That is a question that many people want to know, and luckily, this information will help you understand how to optimize your use of social media, and related aspects of it, for your Amazon FBA sales.


What is Amazon FBA?

Probably the best place to start for any beginner online business users is that Amazon allows sellers to merchandise their products through their platform. Amazon FBA (fulfillment by amazon) is the way that most Amazon eCommerce works. It simply means that they have a fulfillment to ship or handle your products after you have sent it to them. Amazon does not have any products, so to speak. They simply help people sell theirs or other brands and companies. This works for independent sellers as well, as their FBA means that you send them the product and they can do the heavy lifting part of shipping it for your customers.


Amazon Seller Tools

One of the ways that social media is used in collaboration with Amazon FBA to improve your sales, is with Amazon seller tools. There is a growing list of seller tools that are used to help track analytics, collect and modify data, and even take care of accounting/bookkeeping duties for new Amazon sellers. These tools can be used with social media, because you can determine the traffic and user interaction through analytics and data collection. The important part of selling through Amazon, and using social platforms as an associated tool, is that there is an importance in optimizing the traffic you get.

Social media offers a wide range of users, but the problem is that you need to know specifics about them. That is why keyword tools can help as well. Keywords are similar to SEO (search engine optimization) in that focusing on specific branding of your products and listings on Amazon can reduce competition. Volume versus competition is important for maximizing who your search results can attract, and tools help with a multitude of these unseen functions that will improve your life when dealing with Amazon FBA.


Getting Customers Engaged

The purpose of getting customers engaged with your products can rely on your ability to provide them the proper information about what you are selling on Amazon. Most people go to Amazon to find a specific product, but being able to reach them about a need that they may not even realize they have before they start shopping. One way you can utilize social media to your advantage when boosting Amazon FBA sales is by using engaging content. Automate messenger programs can allow you to run ads through social media that create pop-up messenger clients that are targeted towards users, based on personal information like a name. This is engaging because it causes a more personal reaction in the users who are engaging with the ad.


Landing Pages and Social Media Campaigns

If you need more ideas, then engaging content can be as simple as using a landing page to attract customers and boost sales. Landing pages act as an informational spot for customers to view before heading to your product page. The idea is that you do not want to directly link to your Amazon page, but draw to a page that has some kind of alert to go to the product page from there. Other in-direct ways to involve your product are by creating content that has some kind of emotional connection with personal stories or any kind of personalization so it comes off as natural. Likewise, social media can be implemented into your Amazon FBA with a simple splash of hashtags that can be used to draw attention to your product with improved traffic.

Selling on Amazon is easier now than ever, but boosting sales with Amazon FBA requires some knowledge. Thankfully, none of this information is particularly difficult. Amazon seller tools are some of the best-utilized ways to increase sales because they offer increased functionality for eCommerce with the implementation of data analytics, keyword searches, bookkeeping automation, and many other abilities. Max

Written by Brian

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