How To See Who Is Following You On Facebook

Your Facebook friends automatically follow you on Facebook, but depending on your privacy settings, you may have other followers as well.

Followers on Facebook are different from friends, because they haven’t sent you a friend request (or they could have, but maybe you ignored it or denied it). Facebook users can follow others without being friends, essentially subscribing to your posts. Followers can see your updates, but you won’t see theirs unless you follow them as well.

If this information comes as a surprise, follow these steps to see who follows you on Facebook.

How To Allow Followers on Facebook

Before checking your followers, you should check out your privacy settings on Facebook to see if you even allow followers or update your current level of privacy. Check your privacy settings first by following these easy instructions:

      1. Open your account menu by clicking the down arrow at the top right corner of your screen on your desktop, or the three lines at the bottom right corner if you’re using the mobile app.
      2. Click “Settings” on your desktop, or “Settings and Privacy” > “Settings” on the mobile app.
      3. Click “Public Posts” on the left sidebar of your desktop, or by scrolling down to the subheading “Privacy” on the mobile version.
      4. Here you’ll see a section titled “Who Can Follow Me” with a drop down menu. The options are “Public” or “Friends”. If you select “Friends,” only your friends can follow you. If you are set to “Public” other users may also be following you.

facebook public posts

If you allow the public to follow you on Facebook, you can check who is following you from here. You can also control other privacy settings from this window, including who can comment on your public posts, who can like your public profile images and other public content, and you can control what notifications you allow from non-friends.

Who Follows Me on Facebook?

Once you’ve established that your privacy settings allow for Facebook followers, you should check who, if anyone, is following you outside of your friends list. Follow these steps to check out your followers.

      1. Go to your Facebook profile page.
      2. Click the “Friends” tab under your cover photo
      3. Click “More” > “Followers”. If you don’t have any followers, this option will not appear on your screen.

who follows me on facebook

If your profile allows followers, anyone whose friend request you ignore or don’t accept will automatically follow you.

Written by Erin

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