What Does SMH Mean?

SMH is a popular acronym that is extensively used by kids and young adults. Although it isn’t as popular as more common acronyms like LOL or WYD, it has gained plenty of momentum over the last couple of years. But what exactly does SMH mean and how does one use it in regular conversations? Social Buddy is here to answer these questions and more. As you read through, you will get to know everything that you wanted to know about the term SMH.   

The Meaning Of SMH  

Like we already mentioned, SMH is a popular online acronym. Typically, SMH means “shaking my head”. Teenagers and young adults use it in their social media posts as well as text messages for expressing the feeling of shaking their head at something. This can either be due to disappointment, disagreement, or due to sheer disbelief.   

Usually, SMH is used as a response to a certain individual’s behavior or regarding an event that had taken place. Regardless of the reason, SMH is used in situations where all you can really do is shake your head.   


The Usage of SMH  

You won’t find any specific rules or format so to use this acronym. SMH can either be typed in uppercase or lowercase letters, and both versions are generally understood.  

At the end of the day, all you need to keep in mind is that SMH is used for emphasizing the highly expressive reactions that cannot be communicated with words alone. This phrase is often used because it is simpler than typing something like “I am in utter disbelief”. SMH expresses that feeling of shock in a funny, concise manner.

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If you’re looking to find real examples of this acronym, try to look it up on your favorite social media networks. Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr are teeming with these acronyms, and you can always use a hashtag to find it with ease. Check out the different usages, different tone with which it is used, and learn how to integrate it into your own social media or instant messaging vernacular.

Written by Erin

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